As part of Queen Tiara's Fairy Girl Club. you get bookmarks, the real kind that you make. If you do not know how to do so READ THIS

You can make thaem for yourself or as gifts for frineds. Just save and print the images as instructed . You get 2

BOOKMARK 1 Has the club logo on it

BOOKMARK 2 is left open for you to put your own image, maybe the picture of Tiara Fairy putting that gorgeous tiara on you that you love so much. or maybe your Mommy would rather have the one of you sitting on Rubber Fairy's lap with one arm holding you securely and her other hand under your skirt as you are wriggling around from the wetsy she gave you. You know how Mommy loves to embarrass you


It would be a scrumptious way to show that you are loyal to the Fairy Club and Queen Tiara if you adopt a FAIRY NAME or if you give the person to whom you are giving this a fairy name

If you do that, remember, If you or your friend are under 8 you have only one name like Floricia. If you are 8-11, you have two names and the second always ends in "lise" or "ilise" like Aurette Darylise. If you are 12 or up, you have 3 names, like Anestra Melise Aurora. This means that you should put your first name very far left so that you have room to add other names