f you wish to take a Fairy name or name your Little Gir in the manner of them, there are things you must know. Names are very importaint to Fairies, A name is given usually for how it sounds to her parents or becuase the Fairylet has certain characteristics, she may look very bride-like, be very sad or have a bright littl personality. Faires are very aware of how a name sounds. They like thier names to be cute, pretty or flowery sounding

We did not always have names. That happened only after we became too numerous for Malicia to keep track of easily and becasue we demanded that we be given ways to tell one of us from the other in a way that was meaningful. Malicia then took parts from the language that was special to her people and names from that language and gave thenm to us and said "See to arranging them into names as you wish. I have not the time or want to do all of that for you". As you can see, our names sound much like yours as does our language sound like parts of yours. Since we came to this long before your ways came to be, this has puzzled us along with the fact that Malicia's letters and numbers look so much like yours, the most useful of which we made part of our wrtten work and to which we added things that they did not speak to

A Fairy has 6 names, A name that only her family by birth or marriage knows, a name she was called when she was chastized 3 names by which she is called and her last name; a hyphenated name that is made up of her birth family and clan name. When she marries, the family name of the person to whome she is wed is added so that if a Dandrella-Celestri marries am Adrisi-Taradine then the names become Dandrella-Celesti-Adrisi and her marriage partner would become Adrisi-Taradine-Dandrella

Of her three called names, she gets the first when she turns 4 the next at 8 and the third at 12 and is always called by the three names unless her title or "Lady" is used. When Anestra Lynise Dorielle was 6, she was called "Anestra", when she was 9 she was "Anestra Lynise" and when she we 16 she was Anestra Lynise Dorielle" When she was 26 she was either "Anestra Lynise Dorielle", "Lady Anestra" or (If she was the Flower Fairy) "Flower Lady Anestra"or "Flower Mistress Anestra". If she married, she was also "Housemistress Anestra" or "Bride Anestra". When she became known for a characteristic that was used with her first called name like "Anestra the Wise" or "Anestra the Bold" Her last name would be something like Celestri-Stella-Cielle (which means "Sky-Star-Rainbow") In making a name, a name root is chosen. it can be a word from their language like "kir" or "kier" which means cherish or when used with a person, cherished then the name is given a name ending. These endings are a, andra, ana, anne, ela, ella, ela, e(n)dra enne, estelle, estra, ette, ia, iana, ianne, iella, ielle, ienne, iette, ...lie, ilise, illyn, iara, inda or indra, linda, lyn, lynne, tina, tine.

Sometimes the name is complete, like Kirstra which is just Kir+stra. Another very common name is Kirestelle which means "Cherished Star"

Fairies also use our names if they like them, many a Fairy gir has been named Kirsten Annise Tarilyn or Daryleanne Alise Christine. They love our names that have Kir or Chris or Kris in them. They also like using Dari "dear" for a name root and give names like Daryleanne or Darylette; although they try to avoid that name as it belonged to an evil princess. Other name roots are Cheri "dear" Auri (Dori, Lauri) 'gold" and Meli "sweet".

Some of their names stand by themselves and do not have endings such as Teara (tearful) Brida (bride) or Brita (bright as in effervescent) Pathetica (Sad in a quiet little way) Princesa (prouncend "Princheza"; Princess). Tiara was a Fairy queens name that was givne to the headdress. Fairylyn (Fairy) or Fairylette (Little Girl Cute). As you can see, there is much in a Fiary name that is put in by the one who gives it to her and very few fixed names.

Now you know about Fairy names


This is a list of some of our more common names and is by no means complete

Alicette Alicianne Andrielle Anestra Anita Annelise Arielle (ella or ela) Auri-(andra elle, ette) Alystra

Beandra Belandra Belindra Briandra Brida Brita

Caryl-(anne ette yn) Cassandra Celestra Chelle Cheryl Cielle

Daryl-(e eanne ette yn) De-(lise nestra ette) Diamantina Dor-(etta iana ianne ielle iette)

Elendra Elissa Elycia Elystra Ern-(ela ella elle estra estine)

Fairi-(ana anne ella elle ette lette lyn) Floricia Fleurette Flor-(etta ette estra iandra)

Glend-(ra ryl) Glyn-(da dra estra) Graci-(ela elle)


Inestra Ilendra Ilisa

Jeri-(ianne elle lette)

Karellyn Karenelle Karilyn Kerrilyn Kindrelle K-(ierestelle irstra restelle estra irianne irielle)

Larianne Larestelle Lis-( ette elle) Lyn-(ella estra ianne) Lysandra

Mar-(ielle iette ilette ilise) Mel-(ilisandra estra ise) Mir-(a elle iandra ilise)


Pag-(e elle ette)) Pearl-(andra estra) Pathetica

Raciell-(a e)

Sharilyn Stella

Tar-(ianne ielle ilise ilyn(F) Teara(F) Tiara Tiarelle(F) Tina Tir-(a ianne ielle ilise ilyn)

Ver-(ielle ilise ilyn ite>

And do not let Bridget Alicia La Rochelle fool you Rubberlyn and Wetsianne are not Fairy names!