e love for good little girls to have nice things, especially from us and have some gifts for you that we hope you will use and love to just pieces. Just as the things that RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME gives you make you an active part of there, We hope our gifts will make you an active part of Fairyland and when you use them you will think of us

Here is what to do:

  1. when you get the items take them to a work folder>
  2. Unzip them. They will be in their own folders so that you can put them where you want them. If you wish to use the Fairy monograms, you may need to convert the ones you want to bitmaps if that is what your drawing program uses.
  3. copy and paste "Fairy.ttf" to your font folder
  4. copy and paste FairyWish to a folder. Go in, find "gameintro.html"; Rigth click; create a shortcut and cut and paste the shortcut to where you want it so you can use it.
Imagine having the pretty letters that are used here for the beginning of each page. The techniques goes back to before the printing press and was called "illumination" and the letters are called "monograms" or "initials". Imagine being able to sign your name something like
irsten enise ndersen

Well, now you can. They are ready to use on your own page or you can use them with your drawing or graphic program (You may need to convert them to bmp files)

You can also have a whole Fairy script font. It is the one we use and looks like this:

If you have used the Fairy Wish Maker. You may want one of your very own. You may have one. If you have not, you can TRY IT NOW



Here is another souvenir of your visit to Fairyland that will make you think of us when you use it: A desktop theme that features our most loved images, plus flecks of fairy dust
  1. Download to a work folder and unzip
  2. Move "fairy.Theme" to My Documents or its equvalent
  3. Move "fairywall.gif to your wallpaper folder
  4. If you do not have "Fairy.TTF" in your Fonts folder, put it there
  5. Go to an empty spot on your desktop, left-click and select and click "Properties" then "Themes" and look for Fairy among your themes. Select it.
  6. Go to Desktop find or Browse for "fairywall.gif" and seletct it then go to the "center, Tile, Stretch" and select "Tile" . If you try "stretch" the image kind of breaks up
  7. Go to the bottom of the panel and click "OK"
  8. That should do it. To exit this theme find an empty spot on your desktop click "properties/ Themes", find another theme.click it then "OK"
Even if you canot use the whole them, you should be able to luse the wallpaper


ll know that Tiara I was "The Childrens' Queen", Hving been named "the Bestest" by a little girl, and loved little girls especially much. If you read "Queen Tiara's Gift" you will know that, in her time and therafter to this day. One of the little pages whas has benn exceptional wins a full size replica of the Queen's scepter" Well Tiara started a club for these girls. Over the thousands of years, this club grew and now accepts thse special friends wh visit Fairyland. You can now join that club. If you do, since you entered from the RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME, do inform Nurse Bridget Alicia La Rochelle and she will put you on the FairyGirls list. Queen Tiara's signature is exactly as she used to write it those thousnads of years ago before we adopted our current system of letters. We use it because this is in keeping with her wishes to always have nice things for good Little Girls


Start with our LOGO to put where you wish

Next, show your loyalty with the STICKERS that you print on sticky back paper, cut, peel and stick on whatever you like

Now a package containg some Fairy music and our most treasured images for you to use. If you wish to use them with your drawing program, you may need to chage them to .bmp.HERE

Membership cards to print and cut out for YOU and your DOLLIES. It would be nice if you could fill them out in gold ink

BOOKMARKS to make for yourself or for friends

The same gold ink would be just scrumptious with our stationery, NOTE and SHEET PAPER

Now, make your club meetings and parties fan-fairy-tastic with our place setting foe each person: a PLACE MAT, PLACE CARD with a place for your name, and a table CENTERPICE and MORE

Since we all know how much I love Rubber Nurse Bridget Alicia La Rochelle. I have put here in charge of our FairyGirls Contact List