ike you, we play games that are very active. The difference is that they place emphasis on some skills that we value diferently and at a different level than you do and use our chrerisled tiara. One game, we would not have you play at all and pertains to us alone since it would probably cause injury to you. We put it here because you might find the idea amusing. The others you can play quite well. While you do not have the strength, quickness and agility to play at the level we do, you can still enjoy playing them among yourselves


or 5 to 11 players and a game mistress
play erea is divided into the Field, the Refuge and the Ring
Things used are the deck of cards and a feather wand that is used to touch the tiara The tiaras worn must estend well above the top of the head. The wond is as long as the usual magic wand except that it has a big feather on the end with the star. This feather is covered with a very visible powder that rubs off onto whatever it touches

BEGIN One of the girls is chosen as the Malicia and given the wnad.
The game mistress takes the deck of cards and sits at a table and rings her bell once
the girls go to the Ring in the center of which stands Malicia. The girls forma around her and hold hands in a circle around her.
When the game mistress rings her bell twice the game is to begin. At this time, two things start to happen. the girls dance around Malicia, reciting, in a singsong, rhythmic way "T es per ['is for' in Parla; the Fairy language] Tira, I es Inestra A es Alistra R per Racilinda e A es Andriella". At the same time, the game mistress draws cards from the deck and calls out what is on the card. If she calls out "tiara" the girls break the ring and run to the Refuge, along with Malicia trying to catch one of them. It is up to Malicia to use the wand to touch one of the girls' tiara with the feather.
To succeed, she must clearly touch only the tiara with the feathe. If she does not succeed, the whole thing starts again.

There are several versions of the choosing of players. This can be done by drawing cards from the deck. If a grownup is not the game mistress then this is accomplished by card draw with the highest card being the game mistress and the lowest being Malicia with the game mistress joining the game after the first round.

There are variations of what happens after the frist round, The Malicia, if successful becomes the game misterss, the tagged girs becomes Malicia and the game mistress joins the Ring as an ordinary player, They want may pass to another girl whether or not Malicia successfull tags someone and it goes around. The Malicia remins such until she tags one of the others. In some forms, the tagged girl leaves the game and so it goes until Malicia (the same girl throughout) tags everyone then the cycle starts over. changing game mistresses and Malicia. This is called "club" tiara tag. The winner is the one who tags every member of the ring in the fewest number of rounds. As often as not, while the general structure of the game is the same, the style and rules vary from place to place and to list them all woudl be too much.

This game, pleayed by all ages uses speed, energy, knowing where you are and where you want to be and listening concentration.


his game is very simple.
  • The playing surface is marked off by the age range of the players
  • The only piece of equipment is the ball. it is sized so that the hand can close around half of it. It is bouncy and hollow with a metal cube inside to make the ball take funny bounces.
  • Play is simple the ball is tossed hard against the surface so that it bounces and then bounces off the wall and back, hopefull to the thrower. If the ball takes an unexpected bounce, the thrower has to move to where she can catch it
  • From the time she throws it until the time she catches it, the player touches her tiara then gives the ball to the next player. a round is the number of turns for each player to throw the ball, touch her tiara and catch the ball. Then the next round begins.
  • For each round, the player must add one tiara touch between the time she throws the ball and the time she catches it.
  • A game lasts until there is one player who completes the required number of touches. Tradition limits the game to 8 rounds, then the game is played at the next age-range down. It is harder for a 12 year old to carry out eight touches in the 4-8 year old area
  • Because the ball will take odd bounces, to be in play it must travel such that it will land in bounds and in the same age range where it was thrown.


    his game is designed to teach aerobatic agility, since Fairies' magic wonds provide the ability to levitate and since Malicia used cats in our making, it is sensible fot us to be quite agile and at home off the ground. This is first begun at the age of 4-1/2 and is enjoyed by all ages as we posess the ability to throw each other around with cosiderable force and one of our other games is to throw a person over a wall fully 1-1/2 times our size. Do not try this at home, girls


    1. The family; Housemistress, Bride, Nurse and the fairylet gather in the main room, which is about 4 Florestelle square, about 24 x 24
    2. The grownups form a triangle about 2-1/2 Florestelle, about 15 feet apart from each other in the center of the room
    3. The fairylet is picked up and tossed from one to the other
    4. This is done a dozen times
    5. it is understood that at any time in that "round" the one who is to catch the little girl may step aside and let her sail past her and into the wall
    6. When that happens, the fairylet is to orient herself so that she hits the wall feet first, then drops to the floor and lands on her feet. But then again, it may not happen for the entire round. If it does, then the round is over either the game ceases or a new round begins.
    This is not as feared as you may think. Remember, in the making of the Fairies, Malicia included building blocks from cats so success at the required moves is quite possible. In one version, involving older girls and grownups, played competitively, flips and twists are added to demonstrate agility, quickness and finesse. As the girl gains skill the game is played faster and with more force, often at the insistance of the fairylet, shouting "maiz rapida! Maiz rapida! [Faster! Faster!]" Often a grownup will say "You are challenging Anestra the Bold herself [A Fairy warning that she is pushing the limits]" and the little one may say "Then let Anestra beware!".

    Not all of our games emphasize physical skill or strength, in fact many of them call upon the skills of Mentality and her cousins and are played with cards and game pieces. You would recognize our equivalents of Chess and Draughts and we have fashioned from both of these games a hybrid played on a 9x9 board which creates different situations for some of the pieces as well as a "neutral zone" and the pieces are named a bit differently reflecting our culture and way of life and understanding. Of this game there are 3 and 4 player versions and another called Citidels played from corner to corner


    his is a gane that we just call “Quest”. Before I can tell you how to play, I must first tell you some things. We were created over two hunderd generations of 24 years each ago by an evil sorceress known to us a Malicia. The things that we love most aside from the tiara are the heart, scallop shell and the star.

    Before you can know this, or any Fairy Card game, you must understand the Fairy deck of cards. We count be twelve. to be "perect" the number must be multiples of twelve. A "perfect square is twelve twelves. There are 6 "suits" of 12 "play cards": Pink flowers, blue moons, yellow suns, Gold coins, silver daggers, and black cats. Nine good “ordinal” cards, these are cards, that represent good things, three with hearts, three with scallop shells and three with stars. Nine bad “ordinal” cards: Three broken wands, three shattered crystals and three black suns, one good “cardinal” card with a picture of a tiara and one bad “cardinal “ card with a picture of Malicia Malicia is pictured as a beuatiful blonde lady wearing a purple gown with a silver band across her forehead.

    The game is played to its outcome. The object is to collect the three of one good kind or one of each of the good kind (either the 3 hearts, stars or shells or one of each) and avoid the 3 bad ordinal cards. If you draw the required good cares you are awarded the tiara and you win, if you draw the tiara then you win at any time. If you draw three of a kind or one of each kind of the bad ordinal cards, you get the Malicia card and you lose, If at any time you turn over Malicia then you lose there and then.

    This could be adapted to the standard deck by adding the 20 cards to the regular deck. The tableau is any way that you can divide 72 into even bits like 9x8, 6x12 or like that. You play the Solitaire version by turning over the cards. If it is a non-play card (an ordinal or cardinal) it is turned back face down, otherwise, it is left face up

    If played competitively, the tableau is multiplied by the number of playters so that each shall have a chance to win or lose. The only cards not multipled are the cardinals (tiara and Malicia) since they end the game so that two players would use a deck of 140 plus the cardinals, three would use 210 and thus and so

    Competive play is done in one of two ways, The first is that each girl turns over one card and the turn passes to the next and so until it comes back to the first and the round goes again. The other method is that one deck of 72 is laid out in tableau and the girl plays until finished and her nuber os turnovers is tracked and the winner is the one who draws either the tiara or the 3 ordial cards needed in the fewest tries and a girl drawing the 3 bad ordinal cards or Malicia I should not have to say that such games are played without wands and depend on the player's strength, speed, and durability.