fter the reign of Andrielle, Liselle's great granddaughter, came Andrielle II, then Melindra. After Melindra came Tiara I. In her time, it was customary for the Fairy to wear on her head a coronet. Tiara re-introduced the Fairies to the other peoples as had been commanded by Liselle. Tiara took to herslf Darylette to be princess and next queen.
It was made by Andrielle II that each Fairy should serve from her eigth to her ninth birtday as a page in the palace. At the time the Fairies were few enough in number so that this was needed and practical. and Tiara had been one such page in the court of Melindra. Upon the week of their ninth birthday, all Fairy pages whose birthday fell in that week were to attend two ceremonies. The first was a special ceremony attended by the queen and her aides and pages at which the best page was given a replica of the queen's sceptre. Then a Farewell ceremony at the end of the week at whicn the families of the pages would be.

As has been said befor, Tiara was a wonderful person and would be the most beloved of all the qunees. Only good was to come of her and so much so that Tiara has always been one of the must popular Fairy names. It was around her that the phrase "No bad has come of a queen named 'Tiara'" was created

Just as Tiara had been a page under Melindra, Melisandra was one of her little pages. As with all Fairy pages Melisandrs's mother made for her a coronet to wear. The stones of this little crownlet were cut by Melisandra's mother, Lady Doriette to the shape of stars. Because of this and Melisnadrs's bright spirit. Tiara called her "Melisandra Stellita" or just "Stellita"("Little Star"). It was plain for all to see that Melisandra would win the Sceptre and only two persons disliked her, Darylette (Whom Tiara was sorry she adopted) and a nasty little page named Pearlestra.

When the day of the sceptre ceremony came, Darylette,said to Pearlestra with whom she was friends "How would you like to fix that Litte Star's wagon for good and all?". Pearlestra said "If anything happens to her, I shall be blamed". Darylette said "No, since I was careful not to show how I despise her, you can be elsewhere while I do something that will embarrass her to pieces in front of just everyone". So the two kissed on it and while Pearlestra was in the waiting room one day with the other pages, Darylette went and tampered with Melisandra's coronet while no one was looking and, since she had kept her dislike to herself, no one would suspect Darylette. Melisandra's coronet was like all the others in that there were 4 parts that stuck up, each of these parts was a filligree of stones and rose gracfully to a point. It was plain to see that Lady Doriette went through great effort

At the ceremony, as was the custom, Melisandra, when her name was called went and knelt before Queen Tiara, took the sceptre with her right hand and with her left took the hem of Tiara's gown and bent to kiss it and her coronet fell, hitting the floor with the crunch of something breaking.

In her sadness, shame and terror, she began to cry. "Dearest one" said Tiara, "what is wrong"

"My mother. Lady Diorette took grat pains to make this. when she sees what has happened, I shall be put in rubber for just ever!".

Tiara said "Oh no, we sha not have that at all." then she called to here keeper of crownlets as they picked up the coronet. Three of the sides were broken and the lady said, "My Queen, these are broken beyond repair, I fear"

"Oh now, whatever shall I do?" said Tiara. Then she took the crownlet and looked at it and turned to hter attendant and said "hmmm" and broke off the three broken parts so now only one section rose gracfully to thd point and looked again at it and said. "I like this. It is not too much yet not too little." and as she gave it to the crown attendant said "Remove the debris of the brakage to the band. Also do the same with my princess coronet and with Darylette's"

Arrogant Darylette, incensed that anything good coming from Melisandra should touch upon her, said "No!" but when Tiara looked at her sternly and she knew she would be punished, and having been the first person to have been to feel the kiss of rubber, she knew what that was like and wanted as few of those as she could get away without, she said "...no, not bad at all". "Besides" said Tiara "It will make you look cuter and more lovable: Andrielle knows you couls use a good deal of that. At the farewell ceremony you and I and Stellita shall wear our 'new' headpiece, what do you think of that?" Darylette just stood quietly afraid to speak for fear that she had been found out.

At the Farewell Ceremony, Lady Doriette cast here eyes upon her daugeter and the first thing she noticed was the now half-crown and said angrily "Melisandra?! Just WHAT have you done to the lovely star coronet I took such great pains to make?".

Tiara, in her own half-crown stood and said, somewht annoyed and peeved at Lady Doriette's haughty manner with her lovely little girl. "She has done nothing. I have made her coronet into a princesses' headpiece like mine and like I did with Darylette's. She has been a princess of a page so she deserves it. besides," she added a bit sheepishly," I was holding and admiring it and dropped it so I made the others like that of Page Princess Melisandra Stellita"

"You removed my daughter's cornonet without my leave?!" asked Lady Doriette who was getting ready to defend her position with force

"But not without hers" Tiara shot back "I did not dispatch a crystal message-bird as this was a small matter and I am sure that you have a better life than to be hovering around your message-stone like a gossip"

Both aghast and feeling somewhat like she was being made sport of, Lady Doriette said mock-sweetly "oh and what do you call this new headpiece?"

All fell silent even Tiara did not know what to say for she did not think it would come to this. Then Melisandra jumped up and threw her arms about the person who had just saved her from a week in awful rubber diapers, panties and horrible, short little babydolls, and said. "Let us call it after the bestest queen ever!".

Lady Doriette said "A..a...Tiara.??". Seeing where this was going, and being genuinely modest, the queen said "Oh, no. I could not... I mean...".

"Tiara, tiara." squealed a delighted Melisandra, "A lovely, wonderful tiara!". So that is what it is called. and the Queen was ever known thereafter as Tiara the Bestest

Now you know why Tiara is the most treasured name amongst the Fairies and the tiara is the most treasrued item.