iara was The Fourth queen after Andrielle I; the Wise and Stupid, Andrielle II and Malyndra (often spelled "Malindra") I. She a genuine person and queen, having neither false modesty nor the haughtiness that puts the "pain" in "royal pain". She was much loved and of her only good could be said and would be said. If she were not what she was, she would not have left such a big mark upon Fairyland. She was quick to laugh and her laughter was the pride of Fairyland, When brought to anger, she was quite given over to it and the person or thing that did earn her wrath got more than for what she bargained. Though devoid of deceit. she had guile and gave truth to Andrielle's saying. "To lie to a liar, speak the truth and let her run herself though on it"

Which is why all thought what happened concerning Darylette was a travesty and each time the Princess got a come-uppance, most cheered and Liselle once said to her "What you are would make Malicia cheer if you came to grief"

Darylette was a foundling broght before Queen Tiara in the third year of her reign. As was her wont, Tiara felt compassion for the pathetic little thing and took her for her Princess Adopt; as she had been Princess Adopt to Malyndra and as was the custom. Tiara sought to heap upon the girl she named Darylette all the good things to cancel out the bad that had befallen the little fairylet and this is how she was repaid. By the time Darylette was five, she was an arrogant, disobedient, petulant little girl in need of some severe chastizement: She would lie if she were caught at some mischief even though all had seen. In a fit of unprovoked rage, she broke the head of one of her dollies and once threw a drinking glass at Tiara, who was trying to fix her little headband in her hair properly; seeing to it herself rather than leave it to one of the others of the household as a natural act of love for this little girl. This sort of thing was common. Queen Tiara tried all that Fairies knew after pleading and explaining to the little demon, who seemed to delight in causing the lady and everyone else grief. That failing, she reluctantly decided that the girl needed chatizement: Putting her to bed early without supper. not letting her play with her friends (just how Darylette had any friends was a mystery), confining her to her room and brining her to Court in a very short little dress that reached only half-way to the knee which is a severe source of embarrassment for fairies and fairylets. who have a built in sense of chastitiy beginning at age 3, even before they get their skin, hair and eye color and are all of a snow-white color. Though Darylette would seem to mend her was. there came to be a phrase for anything that gives you grief in repeated doses: "the same old Darylette". One day, in a fit of exasperation, Tiara said...

"Will nobody help me with this horrible child?" One would wonder if the little creature was such a harridan, why Tiara did not just send her away. That was not her way and Tiara would not be so weak as to let a 5 year old girl get the better of her, but still she was very annoyed and with good cause

A lady came forth carrying a large bag that seemed full and said "My Lady, Perhaps I can"

"And who are you?" Asked Tiara

I am Melestra, My Queen: I work with Lady Flower, seeing to the materials that we grow and use for clothes and things, like Flax, cotton and milkweed. I have seen your tribulation with unappreciative Darylette" She then took things out of her sack that were pieces of material and laid them out as Darylette glared at her. Suddenly, she grasped the child, laid her down and began to run her hands and fingers across her body and limbs and wherever the lady's hands and fingers move was a feeling of a thousnad little things crawling on Darylette's body. Darylette started to giggle then laugh

"You will cease your foolish laughing soon" Melestra scolded and in a while, the laughter turned to screams as the little princess writhed on the floor in apparent agony as the intensity of the crawling feeling grew. The screams turned to crying, sobbing then moans and whimpers and Darylette lay still, the whole thing having taken 10 minutes or so and the wriggling and squirming had spent much of her energy

"I am not finished with you yet" Melestra said "You have been just beastly to a Lady who gave you nothing but love and only good things. I have just started on you. We shall see how arrogant and proud you are in a few minutes". the lady's voice had a sense of inevitability to it

"You semm to be having a difficult time moving" taunted Melestra as Darylette tried to move but seemed to be having a hard time of it. "what I just did to you is called 'tickle' and you seem to be quite ticklish. That was done to nake certain that you would be helpless to interfere with what I am going to do to you now"

Melestra went to the things she had taken from the bag. They were pices of a somewhat glossy, somewhat see-through material the color of milk diluted a bit with water that she put on the floor next to Darylette. she spread two of them out, one atop the other. The bottom one was a bit bigger than the Princess and the top one not quite as big as Darylette and the third was a pair of pink nearly, but not quite, opaque panties that were of the same material. She put what smelled like baby powder in a thin layer on the top one. She took off Darylette's short little dress and put her on the sheets. The smaller piecce ran from Darylette's chin to a bit below the girl's knees. She put some baby powder on Darylette from her sholders to the tops of her legs and spred it over her body. Them Melestra pulled the shorter piece of material up between Darylette's legs under her panties, spread it over her body and between her legs, making a show of getting under the girl's panties to do so fastened it with some kind of clips to the back part, over each shoulder so that the girl was fully clothed from shuouder to the top of her legs. Melestra then took Darylette's satin panties off her and put the pink panties on her and waited as the other fairies wondered how just being dressed in this unknown material would do anything to Darylette at all

It was not long unitl Darylette started to squirm in some kind of moderate discomfort as if something was crawling all over her body at once. Melestra said "You act like you have cooties on your little body. Here let me help", and started to massage one of Darylette's nipples, which all could see had become firm and the girl moaned as this happened making the feeling stronger where the material rubbed the nipple and Darylette twtiched a few timse. After a minute or so, Melestra then lightly rubbed the mateial along Darylette's tummy as the girl moaned and wriggled from the crawly feeling. Then Melestra rubbed on her hips and bottom as the girl stared to cry. Then back to the other nipple and then her tummy again; all the while it was clear that Darylette was in severe discomfort. Melestra repeated the cycle several times then came back to rubbing the material on the gir's tummy. Tlhis time was different; as she rubbed Darylette's tummy she gradually moved down so that soon she was rubbing the panties between the girl's legs. Darylette wriggled frantically and cried pathetically, obviously the feelings were strong enough to be unpleasant and the humiliation at being made to have them -- and in front of just everybody; was causing the Princess no end of grief. Suddenly, as Melestra rubbed between Darylette's legs the girl screamed and her body twithched and writhed quite violently: Along with the other feeling came a new one, horribly strong, it would start in her flower and go to all parts of her body in wave after wave as though she were having a fit or siezure of some kind, and her screams were became strangled. This lasted for almost a minute during which she wet herself as could be seen on the sheet on which she lay. Slowly, this whole thing, having taken another 15 minutes after the tickling, subsided and Darylettel lay still, her sternght and energy spent, whimpering softly

Seeing a little one in such agonies would be a hard thing for anyone to bear, but Darylette, in the minds of those who knew anyting, had ceased being though of as a person. Tiara was torn in twain, her natural tendency being to wish this away but she, most of all, had been victimized by the proud little imp that now lay whimpering and obviously in great discomfort and humiliation. She could not stop the vengeful smile, nor could the others. Which infuriated the angry but helpless Darylette even more and her eyes burning from the tears, were made hotter still by the feelings that roiled in her

"Now will you be a good girl?!" demanded Melestra, her tone adding to the girl's helpless fury

"Yes" said Darylette in a quivering, bearly audible voice, not understanding what had just been done to her or that anything could be done to her, accustomed as she was to being the one doing things to others

"I did not hear you" said Melestra Sharply, "Speak Clearly unless you want me to do that to you again: Wetsy Baby Darylette! I can make the second time much worse"

Darylette responded "Yes" with a hint of annoyance in her voice, then though of mroe of that being done to her and added humbly "My Lady" and promised to be as good as honey-orange tea

Darylette was cleaned up and dressed back in her skimpy little dress and the mateial was wiped off where Daryletted had wet then put back in the sack and Melestra said "I am giving these to Queen Tiara to use on you whenever she wishes; which, I fear, will be far too seldom for a little nettle like you"

All the ladies of the Court were stunned. "what have you done to her?" Asked Queen Tiara. The idea of physical chastizement was totally unknown to the Fairies. The only times one of them laid a hand on the other was in love or combat among equals

For answer Melestra took a piece of the material and gave it to the Queen who felt it and passed it to the other ladies. "It feels rather nice, like flower petals and who does not enjoy having her flower massaged?"

Melestra answered "Yes it feels nice to the hand but the body and chastity area feel differently and more strongly, and you like your flower massaged but by someone you love and wearing satin. Also, being a fully-grown as we can be, we feel differently than fairylets. This material made all the feelings that our lovely satin gives ten times stronger so that they eat you up. You know that we experiment with materials. That is how we created the milkweed satin that all cherish. Well, we wanted to create a material that did not need to be spun and woven and would save us that bother. We created a tree from which two materials could be made. One is from the flowers and the other is made from the sap. The flower blooms as a folded piece of material so that it can be unfolded into a large square. Because of certain necessary characterisitcs. the flowers appear during and shortly after a rainstomrm and the tree, very large,is called the "Rainflower tree". we then harvest them. The sap material feels much the same as the flower material but is a bit stretchy and has a bit of a smell to it. We then take some of the leaves from the tree, boil them in water until the water becomes cloudy, place that in very shallow, large pans the size of the spread-out shetts of the materials and let the water evaporate which takes a day or so, this 'fixes' the material to make it stay soft and become strong and durable"

Lady Auriandra, still a bit uncomprehending, spoke next. "I do not understand; I would wager that this should feel scrumptious on the body. So why did Darylette scream and cry as if she was having her heart taken out? Not that anyone is unhappy to see that; which was long overdue"

Melestra answered "You would think, and so did Lady Flower and I. We tried it for clothes. Since it is not woven it is waterproof. Soon it gets sticky. To combat that, we put a layer of powder on the inside of it and tried it on again. what then happnes is that it rubs on the body and feels like a dry sliminess and crawly because woven materials, even satin, do not rub the body all over at once. When it rubs on some of the more feely parts, like the nipples, tummy and chastity area the feeling gets so strong it is both distracting and unpleasanly tickly like unwanted fondling and affects the way we feel about ourselves as girls and ladies, as if we were being raped by our own clothes and makes one feel trollopy. It is difficult to describe or explain. However being wetproof, it does have uses; We could make panties for babies to wear over their diapers, and cloaks and hoods to shed the rain. Also it can be pretty and made to have a glossy, patina, metallic, pearlescent or iridescent surface in any color we wish and can be anything from very see-through to totally opaque. It should make attractive overdresses and cloaks. Also curtains and table covers. Anything but underclothes. I do think it will be used most for chastizement garments as I just did with Darylette"

"Well, it certainly helped with Darylette" said Tiara. "What do you call it?"

"Since it seemed to have no usee other than a novelty when we first made it, it would not merit an name so we did not give it any. However since it seems to be very good at chastizing a bad person if you put it on her and rub her with it. Why not call it 'rubber'?" Melestra replied

Tiara said "We shall; and you shall be the Lady who sees to its making, distribution, use and care if you wish; Rubber Lady Melestra. Well Done! And see to it that we have great amounts of it"

"I shall tell Lady Flower that you wish for many trees to be planted to grow this material" Melestra said

So that is how the Fairies came to make rubber and Tiara was so pleased with this and its effects on Darylette and other bad girls and ladies, as well as its other, more pleasant uses, that she married Melestra. Being chastized with rubber came to be called "being Daryletted", a "wetsy" since it is usually accompanied by wetting, and "Melestraed". So if you are not a very good little girl; you may get Melestraed in a rubber diaper, just like proud little Darylette