By Rubber Lady Tarilyn Marilise Andrielle

This essay was the basis for my introduction to the book about the Sryl custom of "briding" and its description

hose who know us well know about the "Pink Horror". This was a period in our history that marked the end of the "meta civilization" which featured the clan wars and other things

This period in our history did more to shape our existence than anything since the First Great Rebellion

You will note that you do not see any dark-haired, dark-eyed amongst us, or violet-eyed. You may think to yourself that since we are obviously capable of having such. Why is this so?

Well some time ago. our mode of dress started to become rigid, with the lighter-haird wearing white dresses and gowns and the dark-heared wearing pink. Now, our two favorite colors are pink and purple and have been for just ever so a group of us wearing pink as part of their dress would not be seen as strange or wrong or probably even noticed

However there grew to be a dislike between the light and dark haired and eyed. Soon the Dark's wanted to split the inhabited part of Monda di Aurea into two separate lands where each would live separately from the other. It seems that they thought that the Lights considered them inferior which was totally untrue. However, they got their wish

Not long thereafter. The Darks launched a sneak attack on the Lights and enslaved them. as part of this the Lights had their white things taken away from them and were dressed universally in short rubber dresses and mostly babydolls, with rubber underthings and diapers under cloth "baby" diapers, and kept as rubber baby girl slaves. The queen said "Well, sister-kin. you have prided yourselves too long on your lovely white gowns, let us see how haughty you are in pink babygirl rubber babydolls. Short and trollopy; the perfect punishment garment for the Proud"

This is called "The Pink Horror" and ended with the Second Great Rebellion. Because rubber treatment was the biggest part of it, This part of history is the special area of interest, knowledge and activity of Rubber Ladies and especially La Donastella Rubber which I am

The slave-holders called themselves "Sryl". This is from the very earliest Parla, meaning "Lady"; but a special kind of lady. It means a special kind of overseer from the days of Malicia and until the Great Rebellion. They added "sryl'" to their names and it gradually became very common that they were also violet-eyed as well as dark-haired. Their slaves, being the light and meteallic haired, they dubbed "Blondies", even though their hair color included silver, copper, pearl, snow white, and even light brown They also called them Darylette", "Little/Baby Darylette", "Rubber Diaper Girl","Rubber Babygirl", "Mommy's Babygirl", "Babydoll" and "Babygirl" or some mixture of them. That term has become a vicious taunt, even if used for a girl with gorgeously golden hair. Sandra's (Bridget Alicia La Rochelle's very dear friend) mother mistakenly called my cousin Dorielle Arilise Tiara "Blondie" once and got a very stern lecture, had to say she was sorry and do a report for a school class of fairylets about the Pink Horror. You do NOT call a fairy or fairylet "Blondie"


The ordinary attire for the slaves became a rubber diaper made in such a way that it always caressed the chastity area and rub on the flower, but would allow wet to flow into the exceedingly thick cloth diaper. This diaper was so very thick for two reasons: First to be very much felt by Blondie between her legs and keeping her from being able to cross or close them above the knee to make her feel helplessly like a baby and trollopy. Second, so that she could be kept wet nearly all the time. The only time she was dry was while being changed and for maybe 5 or so minutes after that. A most interesting thing about that arrangement was that Blondie did not feel wet for a long time, several hours had passed. What happened was the way the rubber diaper was cut let the wet go into the "babygirl" diaper only between the legs, this would then go through to the rubber panties that were over the diaper, spread along the inside of the panties and be absorbed by the diaper. This meant that the diaper was being wet from the outsdie in and the rubber diaper put a waterproof barrier between the wet cloth and Blondie's chastity area. The result was that it kept her dry much, much longer so she did not need to be changed nearly as often which meant less work for My Lady which meant that there was a good reason to keep Blondie in rubber diapers no matter how she cried or complained about it and My Lady made the most of it. Worn over that were a snap-on rubber panty and a pull-on rubber panty. Then the "babydoll" a short "baby lenght" off the shoulder rubber dress with a matching rubber panty. At no time did any cloth touch the slave's body. Below are examples of the kind of babydolls that were put on the slaves as ordinary day-to-day dress to make her have constant rubber feeling over most of her body, and, being "baby length [very high-waisted and halfway to the knee; ideal for diapering like a baby]" and show her status. They are also called "Darylette Dress", since, according to tradition, the first one was used on the (in)famous Princess Darylette, and are still in use to this day. A girl dressed in such is called and often taunted as "Darylette" and her first name like "Darylette Floricia". Another Fairy name for a babydoll is "traditional" since they are so much a part of fairy life. For example "it was clear that Dorielle Alise Anestra was a recognized trollop as she was in a yellow see-through traditional with the usual pearlescent slip"

A RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS HOME (D'Arielle) Rainflower [Rubber] Girl in her Sryl Babydolls

I can see that the little girl in the picture is in the care of one of my star pupils; Bridget Aicia La Rochelle, and is in for a very long afternoon or night with a good amount of wriggling, wetting, crying and sobbing ahead of her. Bridget Alicia's brooch that she wears on her Rubber Lady's (that is her standing in our world) cloak was not made from an elite Sryl Lady Rubber's pandant for no good reason (and I am almost a bit sorry I gave it to her but she won it as a prize in a class project contest)

The pictures are current, in-use, babydolls that are typical of what "Blondies" were dressed in, almost always personally, by the Sryl Ladies, who took great delight in subduing and dressing them. Subduing the poor slave was done by tickling her, sometimes vigorously to humiliate or sometimes very slowly to make it last much longer, not to the point where she could no longer feel things, nor to the point where she could not move, but to the point where Blondie could only struggle feebly against what she knew was coming. At which every Rubber Fairy, from La Donastella on down to the most recent novice, child's nurse, and every Rubber Nurse and nurse's aide, is very adroit. As a severe chastizement garment, the Sryl babydoll has survived to this day, unchanged. The very short, off the shoulder rubber babydoll left a good deal of the girl's body exposed, making it clear to the poor thing that her body was to be done with as the Sryl Lady desired (and the un-exposed parts of the body, being in rubber, were also not very comfy, either, Especially when My Lady decided she wanted to "get feelies" and lightl rub her hands on Blondie's babydoll, which rubbed the babydoll on the mostly helpless girl's body). It must be understood that for thousands of years before the Sryl, unless she is being heavily chastized, permanently chastized or treated as a trollop, from the time she is 2-1/2, a Fairy's dress or skirt is always below the knee. This goes back to the days of Malicia, who kept our earliest ancestors in dresses that were 3/4 to the knee to make them her "Little Darlings"; in Parla, the language she spoke, "P'chana". So to us, being treated properly, and recognizing that we are persons, our dresses and skirts are, by custom and rule, below the knee. This is so strong that a fairylet can be made miserable as part of punishment simply by having a moderately above the knee dress put on her for the day. Because of its babyish implications, an above-the-knee dress or skirt, being easily lifted has been taken as an invitation to lift or get under the dress, with the promise of rubber panties waiting to be felt. For most Fairies, this is quite irresistible. So the shrot skirt, rubber and smelling a bit like dried wet meant that a Blondie could count on being fondled for hours on end before being wetsied very slowly; all for the casual amusement of her Sryl mistress. While we always had a sense of chastity built into us, this garment has made us be more ill at ease in anything that leaves much of our bodies uncovered, especially above the knee skirts and dresses because they are easily lifted or gotten under like a baby's. Other names for Blondies reflected this, like "Babygirl", "Baby Doll" and "Rubber Baby". Like "Poor Baby Doll Melisandra: Come to Mommy Alystra and put your head on my shoulder and have a good cry". Along with "Blondie" these were used by Fairylets in the childish taunting that went on, along with references like above the knee skirts or comments about one's adversary's knees, all of which goes on to this day. A reflection of this Fairy custom is part of the reason why the girls at a D'Arielle Girls' Home are kept in above-the-knee skirts and dresses to remind them that they are subject to the persons in the longer ones and why the skirts are gradually lengthened as a girl grows. Even among the girsl, longer skirts confer higher status and part of chastizement is being "put back" in shorter skirts. A girl just cannot wait until she gets her first below-the-knee skirt. This is also of practical use to the Housemother. The longer skirts and being told that if she does things that involve her flower she will get the rubber feeling on it and the "chastity training" that she got between ages 4 and 8 with rubber panties make it very likely that a girl will not come home with a "little surprise", added to by the fact that if she does, she can say "farewell" to all the cloth in her life and "hello" to rubber diapers, panties, very short and easily lifted dresses and skirts and ESPECIALLY babydolls, and bedding as well as many visits from me or one of my ladies

Along with being what it is: Humiliatingly short-skirted and rubber, The babydoll that was adopted to put on the slaves did not have to be of exact size and was, therefore, easy to make and put on the Blondie. It is just a long, full-circle skirt and matching panty; both rubber which made it very easy to care for, usually needing only to be wiped down with a damp cloth both inside and out. They come in 2 kinds, Children and Grownups. The Childrens' come in 5 sizes (lengths and "waist" size) and the adults in 3. As part of dressing the girl, the elastic at the top would be turned over to adjust the babydoll's length from between the shoulder to a bit above the nipples to half-way to the knee. This created the famous. "sryl ruffle" that became emblematic of the inferior status of the "Blondies". Over time, this ruffle grew in size to absurd proportions in the families' competitions to show how pathetically helpless their Blondies were, often reaching a length of the outstretched hand to the wrist. Most of the time the obviously rubber undergarment, a kind of pearlescent slip, put under a see-through or almst see though babydoll of any color so the body would not show and to give it an attractive look, or a see though one put under an opaque babydoll, if put on the Blondie, was allowed to "peek out" from the hem of the babydoll; the width of two fingers or a smidgeon more. This was to say that, for letting an undergarment show, Blondie was trollopy and was too childish to be let to run her own life, letting her underslip show and needed to be "constatnly looked after" for being unladylike and show that the girl's underthings were also rubber so that is what she felt right on her body "where it does the must good" (and also, wink wink, invite the hand of a would-be fondler). Other purposes served by this underslip were that it made the Blondie more noisy in the way that only rubber rubbing on rubber can which tempted Sryl ladies to the point where, after awhile, she could no longer reisist the urge and soon had "Little " or "Baby Blondrielle ["Blondie" + Andreielle; a name not used since the Second Great Rebellion]" firmly in her grasp and was applying her skills, and presented My Lady with two layers of that scrumptious material and she would put her hands between them for "double feelies" or "double yummies". As you can see from the pictures above, that, too is still in use

The two major type of rubber underslips used under babydolls

Some of the nastiest Sryl insults implied that a lady was overly kind to her "charges": "She changers her Blondies more than she changes her own baby", "One wonders if her little Blondies' skirts are not longer than hers". "I wager that she has more than a few blonde hairs on her head", "Her Blondies' rooms smell more like [lilac, rose, etc] than they ought", "I wonder just who puts a rubber diaper on whom", "Some day she will learn what rubber babydolls were made for", " It would not surprise me that she takes off her tiara when she kneels before her Blondies", "The only time her Blondies feel rubber is when they fondle her between the legs". This last may have had a grain of truth. A lady would put on a thick satin-covered diaper and a pair of rubber panties then antagonize one or more of her Blondies quite severely, maybe even feigning to take off the girl's tiara. The Blondie, so provoked would push the lady onto the floor, not reaizing that her tormentress was a willing partner in all of this: A Fairy's natural response is to try and rub an opponent between her legs. Done to an unwilling person, this is taken by Fairies as one of the worse kinds of rape because, if you can lay her down, lift her skirts and get between her legs and make her have feelings that she does not want, you can do anything you wish to her, even without rubber, and she can do absolutely nothing but lay there and feel it. Well, Blondie would do that. The thick satin-covered diaper would massage My Lady's floower and give her a yummy, which Blondie would realize since My Lady was not screaming and crying. Adding to the fact that Blondie had just given the Sryl Lady a yummy was the fact that she had been tricked into doing so. But that is not what was meant by the taunt

The Sryl loved the smell of The nursery: baby powder, rubber and especially dried wet, while feeling rubber and made their Blondie slaves and slave quarters smell mildly like tham. Along with the shortness of the babydoll, it meant "babyish", wetting and helpless, to be done with as another wishes. In a landmark case, here is what happned.A Lady, Tiara sryl'D'Aagua was visting the home of another. Andrilyn sryl'Floretta. when Lady Andrilyn answered her door, she had been in the process of dealing with her blondies, smelled a bit of the nursery, and was still wearing her see-through overdress and rubber cloak. Lady sryl'D'Agua was so stricken with the smell and the rubber that she began to vigorously fondle Lady sryl'Floretta, to the point of evem getting under her dress and giving her feeling that are resevered only for the married. Of course. Lady sryl'Floretta, having been totally humiliated, took the matter to court. The Court ruled that the smell and presence of rubber were a sufficient cause for Lady sryl'D'Agua's actions, "taking her away from herself" and losing all control, and she was found without guilt. In the later times of Sryl rule, the Ladies often wore breechcloths that could be undone from the back and pulled away so that she could stand over the Blondie and wet on her without haveing to take off a pair of panties. This also could be done in an elaborate way, laying the poor thing on a large rubber sheet after a vigorous tickling, then, after wetting on her, closing the sheet around the victim who slowly got more smelly than she already was. So attuned to the smell did the Sryl ladies become that they could identify each of their slaves by how she smelled, even blindfolded

Every Sryl house had a special room that was done in pink and smelled like dried that had a bed which being all in rubber, could be used for changing diapers, a sink and a rocking chair, and was the Chastizement Room. A Sryl Lady would take one of her slaves to the rocking chair for an afternoon of fun and frolic. The Blondies hated the smell, feeling of rubber and being in the place where she was chatized. This made her struggle more fiercely and her wrigglings were more energetic and her sobs more pathetic all of which, with the smell, added quite a bit to My Lady's enjoyment. This has evolved into the "pink room" in every Fairy house where little girls are chastized. The Chastizement Room at RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME is made after the chastizement areas that were in the slave quarters in all sryl homes. Each Blondie had her own little room that was done in rubber and the Sryl Ladies enjoyed putting each one of their "little ones" to bed. tucking her into the rubber bedding

A typical Blondie's bed with it's classic rubber sheets. Like so many Sryl rubber things, it, too, is still used, unchanged, at the RUFFLES & RIBBINS GIRSLS' HOME for any girl needing long-term chastizement. Dear me, Bridget Alicia La Rochelle; I have created a monster

Occasionally, a Lady would get in with the Blondie for the night, wearing a night-dress called a "Melestra's house-dress" that was rubber outside and the milkweed satin for which we are known, inside for a night of enjoyment, knowing that all the other Blondies could hear the goings on and knew what was being done to their comrade, that it could be done to them and that My Lady enjoyed doing it

As time passed the dark haired and eyed became more and more cruel. As an example of just how low they sank, it was often the custom to offer an overnight guest a "Little Treat": In this case a real "little treat". This was a very young Blondie, often as young as five and no older than eight. The major attration of this was that the little girl had never been through this kind of ordeal and since this was all new to her, was very reactive, screaming, crying and writhing far more than one who had been though this before. Sometimes it was a girl whose second time this was which meant she had an idea of what it would be like so it was worse for her and she showed it. The "Little Treat" would often be prepared for this in front of her family, who knew full well what was happening and would happen to their little girl, so that they too could "benefit" from this as well as the guest watched their misery. More than one "Little Treat" did not survive this and the corpse was returned to her family as a final insult. However, other things happened as well. As they resorted more and more to slavery, the Sryl became dependent on their "blondie" also called "baby doll", referring to any girl with light or metallic hair color; gold, silver, pearl or whihte, slaves so they bred them heavily and the numbers of blondies grew in proportion to the others, whose numbers also dwindled. At the end of 3 lifetimes there were about 5,000 Darks and 125,000 "blondies". "Blondie" became an epithet and more than one duel was fought over a claim that a person was "tainted with slave blood". The dark-haired soon developed elaborate beliefs that the "blondies" were not capable of caring for themselves and needed to be constantly overseen lest they get into trouble. Also that because of their indolence, the blondies did not feel much of anything so that the things done to them had to be quite harsh to "get through the fog of their non-being" and they did not feel these things that much so no real cruelty was being inflicted on them. The Darks let their use of magic grow weak since they could get one of their slaves to do the work. Their treatement became so harsh that the "blondies"' bodies developed an aversion to pink: Even pink Fairy satin tickles us excruciatingly. To wear anything pink, we need to wear somethng under it so that the pink material does not touch our bodies

After 90 generations. they committed the unthnkable horror. Gradually making the "blondies" to which the terms "pet" and "dolly" were added, less and less "person", often saying it was for their own good since they cannot care for themselves until one day they sought to do the unthinkable: Deprive us of our tiaras

Thus ensued the Second Great Rebellion. This was over in a night. The Sryl had let their skills at magic dwindle to almost nothing and we outnumbered them 25 to one. Rather than being killed, they were turned into indestrctible dolls that survive to this day; all 5,000 of them

This has left us scarred in two ways, we cannot wear anything pink directly on our bodies. Every now and then, a child is born with violet in her eyes. Thankfully, no dark-haired has been born since the Second Great Rebeillion. We fear the violet-eyed for what they may become. Children born with any shade of violet in their eyes are put out. This is a horror to us because a Fairylet does not get her hair and eye color until she is 4. To have a child that one has lived with and cared for taken from her is a mother's nightmare. This was part of the origin of the phrase. "We commit small horrors to avoid having to live large one" and "the Curse [of being violet-eyed]"

Somehow some 800 years ago, some of these outcasts survived and ended up living in the Taris Islnads far to the south. We soon noticed that those put out vanished quickly. We seearched the land and found their home. Rather than obliterate them we concluded that at that distance they were no threat to us and contacted them, explained the whole story and that we were glad that they now live as they are attractive and said that they could have that area all to themselves as a reservation to run as they saw fit. Well they wanted nothing to do with us and we did not blame them and as long as they did not threaten us, we would not harm them and in fact hoped for a time when we could be rejoined since it was two races breeding separately that spawned all of this horror.

Some 400 years ago one of our spies was captured and set up an agreement where they could come to visit on special Fairy holidays so long as they would surrnender their wands to members of the clans that they would be in and live with them while here and be under special protection with the services of an Adept for each at their beck and call. As they number only about 1,000,000 and we are twenty-two millions strong, they can pose no threat, nor are they inclined to attampt anything foolish. They did not survive on stupidity, to which both Queens agreed. Their Queen being the outcast daughter of the spy in question. A sort of embassy was set up in the house where she lived, which she described as "...a gorgeous home set on a hill. which, if I were to live here, is where I would make my abode". As part of the agreement, her "punishment" (wink wink) for spying was that she had to remain there 11 of 12 months of the year for the rest of her life, unless instructed or given permission to leave directly by the queen. Well, this was made use of by our Queen appointing her as the Ambassedress to the Taris People and her family moved in with her. She used this to make the lives of the Violets better materially. This at first met resistance but when it was demonstrated that these were real imporvments and they would develop a system of doing things that could lead to trade with each side being strong in her own right and that this could further the reunitement as equals, and that these skills were properly their birthright as Flori di Estelle, not a gift to an inferior people, they saw the wisdom of taking it and made good use of the opportunities

This is where we stand today

As to the "gifts" of the Sryl; we have:

  • Been changed in some ways
    • Because we were dressed mostly in pink rubber for about 90 generations, we are unable to wear anything pink right on our bodies. They have come to think of anything pink as being rubber so even the most scrumptious Fairy satin feels like rubber if it is pink. If we wear anything pink we have to wear something under it
    • As much as we love the color purple, we live in such fear that we banish all those whose eyes have even a touch of it as told above. We hope that changes. They are very attractive looking and a people divided is how this all started
    • Our chastity has been violated so much that when we are in physical combat, it is built into us to try and get under her skirts and between the opponent's legs and keep her from doing that to us. If you can get between someone's legs and at her flower, you can do with her what you wish and she will be helpless. Or, we try to get her head under our skirts and make her kiss our panties until we get a yummy. This comes from another Sryl nasty. put a pair of ruber panties over a thick satin diaper, get the Blondie's head under her skirt and force Blondie to kiss where her flower is, so that Blondie is kissing rubber but My Lady feels satin on her flower and Blondies hair on the inside of her thighs, which also felt scrumptious
    • Have added some new names: Pathetica ("Sad") Teara (Prounced almost like "Tiara" but with the accent on the first part of the sound and meaning "Tearful") and Rubberlyn. These were originally add-ons to Blondie names like titles, like Teara-Dorielle, Rubberlyn-Alystra or Pathetica-Anelle. Later they just became names in their own right. Also whatever her hair color, calling a girl "little blondie" is a nasty epithet
  • Elevation of Rubber Fairy to the same level in society and the Hierachy as Tiara or Tooth Fairy
  • Improvements in the Rubber Lady's wand to make it work better. The wand I gave Bridget Alicia La Rochelle once belonged to a Rubber Donastella of the Sryl. I did not dare tell her that. There is a bit too much Sryl in her: Especially for a non-Florestelle, she has far too much admiration for that evil cult for any Fairy's liking. Let her figure it out for herself if she can. Let us see how good she really is. I am not going to coddle her like she is some self-absorbed phoney princess without a tiara. I love her burstingly, so I want her to be the best at what she can and that means earning her name as a Rubber Lady of the Florestelle. The wand can:
    • Make non-fairies as feely to rubber as faiires, forever
    • Make the preson feel like she is in rubber on any part of, or all over her body
    • If put in the area of the flower and just held there, give a wetsy through any amount and kind of clothing
    • Tickle a person until she is helpless
    • Turn any material on the chastity area into either rubber or Fairy Satin
  • The perfection of the babydoll and the "babydoll" culture as applied to a cheating spouse, Proud fairylets and other miscreants. In fact, that is Sryl culture pretty much unchanged, with the offender being treated exactly as a Blondie or Blondie bride and the offended spouse free to wed another while keeping her in the Sryl manner right down to the smell. This includes:
    • Putting very thick diapers and 3 rubber panties on someone and making her wait a very long time between changes so that she will smell and saying what a "smelly baby-girl" she is. This was mostly through the efforts or Donastella Dinestra sryl'Argenta, writing
      I was a precocious child. When I was six, I asked what "rape" meant and I was told "having your legs forced and held open" and of course we know that being "melestraed [named for Melestra, the very first Rubber Fairy]" means having your flower massaged with rubber. Well, when I was almost seven, I got three days in rubber and Nursie diapered me very thickly. I felt both raped and melestraed at the same time. This added to the annoyance and chastity-humiliation. This was so strong that it made me vow that I would never have it done to me again without a fierce struggle and that I would be the one doing it to others as a Rubber Lady, especially a Donastella. When I grew up I championed thickly diapering the blondies as part of their regular dress. To keep things organized, when I became a Rubber Lady, I defined "Thckly Diapered" as being unable to cross or close the legs above the knees. This also led to not having to change the little babydoll-girl for up to 12 hours, adds to the smell we all love and created the "blondie walk" that we find so adorable
      As to the use of massaging the flower as the proper means of dealing with the slaves and its relation to the thick diaper. She writes:
      The blondie's diapers, now being vary thick, make her chastity area far to padded to allow her to feel any kind of spanking, Therefore the best means to make her have the needed body punishment is to tickle her into submission, then Darylette [the old name for a wetsy] her. I prefer the kind that makes her wriggle herself into the rubber feeling as it is by far the most strongly felt of all the kinds. This is so because she is wriggling around in her rubber diaper, massaging her chastity are and starting to "make her flower interested", her rubber babydoll and between two rubber sheets or in a rubber sleeping bag, which makes her feel it all over her body all at once, not just her flower, it takes a good long time and builds up gradually and at the end, her whole bodyfeels like a flower, she cannot stop wriggling and this is done in front of other people in a display of utter helplessness and humiliation; "My how Floricia must love this. If she did not, she would not wriggle and squirm so livingly", often accompanied by fondling, often of the chastity area; who does not enjoy feeling a rubber-pantied, thickly padded chastity are, and a kiss on the lips, or her pacifier put in her mouth and gently pulled back and fourth to massage her lips with rubber by anyone watching this scene and done with My Lady's approval, and becuase it is the form of chastizement used on fairylets goes a long way to babify her as well as giving her the worst feeling on her whole body and especially her flower. All of these are to the good
    • The snap-on rubber panty, since they enjoyed pulling the material between their slaves' legs; it being that case that if someone can get between your legs, she can do what she wishes with you and it is even worse if she puts rubber between your legs, even if it is over a diaper (which had rubber under it anyway). So it was just a way to humiliate the blondies more
    • Perfection of tickling as a means of chastizement and subduing another person
    • Developed our way of using confining clothes rather than binding. These are rubber garments that allow a limited amount of movement. In particular the Fairylet's cape that buttons down the front and does not allow full movement of the arms. Also the "leg tickler", a long skirt that is too small at the waist which is pulled up to the thigh and restricts leg movement. Another is a too-small bloomer-like thing called "knee tickler", that is pulled to just above the knee with the legs below the knee or put on upside down so the waist elastic is below the knee with the leg openings above. These clothes are very see-through so that you know the rubber is right on the girl's body. By not being binding, they do not cause the joint stuffness that binding causes. They also let the person wriggle around as she is being chastized, which is enjoyable. What the Sryl lady would do was tickle the Blondie, but not to the point where she could no longer move but to the point where it was difficult for her to. Then she would go get the rubber cape, knee tickler or skirt and make sure that the poor thing saw them clearly so that she knew what would be coming. Then My Lady would slowly put them on her little Blondie in preparation to a long fondling that would end in a horrid wetsy. Along with confining the girl's movement, this put more rubber on her body, such as the lower legs and allowed her to wriggle and squirm as she was being fondled, which the Sryl lady, and many rubber nurses, like Bridget Alicia La Rochelle and I, or anyone who is charged with the care of a Rainflower girl and wishes to make the most of fondling or chastizing her, enjoys. These are part of every fairylet's layette, which is what the total of her chastizement clothes, accessories and supplies is called, are kept in a see-through rubber bag which is known as the "Blondie's bag". Needless to say, every girl at RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS'HOME has a full Fairylet's layette
    • "Nipple" Chastizement, which means both rubbing the feely nipples on a person with rubber, and the Pacifier. This is a baby pacifier made to grownup size with a long, thicker nipple. It is forced into the person's mouth and pulled back and forth to massage the very feely lips and makes other forms of rubber chanstizement felt more. The very large size of it makes it impossible to spit out and also helps it function as a gag to stiflle the annoying screams of the "Little blondie". So well received was it by the Sryl that it did not take long for this accessory to be a major part of the Blondies' mode of dress

      A close look at the Pacifier shows the extreme size of the nipple. Also shown is how it is always visibly present as part of chastizement wear, ready to be used at a moment's notice. The body and neck cord are always pink and see how well it complements, and compliments the Sryl rufffle and the whole rubber babydoll: Tres fille bebe!

      The Pacifier is also part of Rubber Chastizement as practiced by the D'Arielle Ladies Society and its use is taught to every Rubber Nurse

    • Rubber Wetsy Wrestle, which Nurse Bridget Alicia La Rochelle has brought to the D'Arielle way of life and uses very skillfully, This had its beginnings when, as part of entertainment, a mat that was 3 Florestelle on a side would be brought out and covered with a rubber sheet. Two Blondies would be selected, stripped, and one dressed in a pink rubber babydoll and the other in a white one, over the panties of which was put a pair of clear rubber panties. They would then be placed on the rubber-covered mat and the object was for one to try to subdue and wetsy the other in accordance with a set of rules that are still in use today at RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME. The purpose of the clear panty over the opaque one was so that a girl could put her hand between them to massage her opponent and clearly be seen doing so. the winner would be allowed to spend the rest of the day and night in a satin-covered diaper with no rubber underneath it as well as being the winner of the fight and not getting her panties rubbed while the loser was left to lay in the puddle she made for the rest of the event. There was often wagering on the outcome of this. In some forms, the guest(s) would often bring slaves that they thought would win such an event. And there were also tournaments at which slaoves were forced to particippate and even free-ladies would pit their skills against each other for prize money, to settle scores or as plaintiff and defendant in a kind of trial by ordeal. it being said that "The spirits of Liselle, Andreielle and Tiara would gurantee that the one in the right would prevail". Also, among us, personal physical confrontation is the preferred way to deal with antagonists. Later it was changed so that the two participants wore three rubber panties, a pink one, a see-through one and one that matched the babydoll. The object now included pulling the outermost panties down to about the knees and getting one's hand between the see-through and pink one and between the legs. Other things that could be done included lip-kissing or using the Pacifier to make the feelings stronger and be more humiliating. In fact, to show how utterly helpless her victim is, the soon-to-be winner will often put the Pacifier in the soon-to-be-wetsied girl's mouth before she lifts the skirt and pulls down the outermost panties just to add to the humiliation and scariness of what is to come

      A similar form of entertainment was called "Flower Panties". Two Blondies would be diapered as usual. The outer most panty was very see through with a picture of a flower where her flower would be. the cloth diapers over the rubber ones would be fairly thin. They would then be laid on a rubber-covered mattress and loosly bound together in such a way that the head of each was even with the hem of the other's babydoll and their hands and feet very restricted so they could not use them well. They would be told to kiss the other on the flower picture until she had a wetsy. The winner would be let to wear a satin under-diaper instead of the rubber one. If that was not incentive enough, they were told that if they did not co-operate they could each expect to be sat in one of My Ladys' lap for the rest of the evening and slowly wetsied along with generous use of the Pacifier between their lips. This meant exactly what it sounded like. you had to put your head under the other's babydoll, get your lips between her legs and start kissing on the flower. Either way this was unpleasant because you had rubber against your lips but it was not as unpleasant as either the alternative or losing this event. As usual wagers were in order and the one who had to pay would be more that slightly miffed at "my Baby-Girl" and very often, her Blondie could count on spending the rest of the evening on My Lady's lap with a Pacifier in her mouth and some "heavy petting" after being changed into an unusually thick diaper and with the same "flower panties" ("So that I know exactly where to rub when I am good and ready with everyone watching"), with the usual end result. Seening the two Blondies wriggling and squirming desparately trying to avoid the kissing and the feelings while trying to give the same to the other was quite enjoyable, I can assure you of that. I had to do that to Bridget Alicia and Sandra Lynelle at their mamas' request once and I hate to say it, but I enjoyed it (it is a wonder that those two girls do not hate me for good and all). It too is used at RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS HOME when two girls involved in the same incident of misbehavior need chastizement

This leaves me a bit at odds with myself since I am an old-fashioned girl and a Rubber Lady and rubber was so much a part of the Sryl way of life. I can feel some sympathy with Bridget Alicia. Also, the future holds a very likely Sryl wedding (Kirianne, Andrea and a little part-fairy miscreant named Christine) and I am a bit looking forward to it both because it will be the first in about 20 generations and just think of all that scrumptious rubber, as much as we all despise the Sryl, makes my little heard almost skip a beat