by Tiara Lady Auriandra

f you visit RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME, or most any D'Arielle girls' home, you will find just about everyone always wearing a tiara. Aside from the fact that they are just soooo gorgeous, that is our influence. But what about us? Tiaras are one of the most visible aspects of us and for what we are best known and understood by the knowledgeable. They have become so much a part of us that a large portion of our customs center around them and they are treated as though they are living things. They are one of the oldest parts of our culture going back over 7500 years almost to the beginning of our occupation of our present world. It was the attempt to deprive the "Blondies [light and metallic haired]" of their tiaras that was the final straw that led to the Second Great Rebeillion that ended the Pink Horror; after so many seemingly worse cruelties had been inflicted upon us.

Well, as you see, I am the "Tiara Lady" or "Tiara Fairy", Actually, there are many tiara ladies and tiara fairies just as there are many flower ladies or flower fairies, who deal with far more than just fowers The see to all the growing and living things we create or maintain. Just as Donastella Ariella Cherilise Lynestra (all her "first" name) is the headmistress of all Flower Ladies and oversees all they do, so I am the headmistress of all Tiara Ladies and oversee all Things Tiara with the title"Donastella" which means "Star Lady". A Donastella has a seat in the Council of the Hierarchy

You will never see a Floristelle, what we call ourselves; not "Fairies", without a tiara. You may think it is because we are haughty, vain, or some other unkind thought. You would be wrong. We wear them for several reasons

First and foremost: If you read QUEEN TIARA'S GIFT. You will have insight into the origin of our tiaras over 7000 years ago. Tiara I has been our most beloved queen for just ever. Even were it not for her invention, that would still be true. She has come to embody truthfulness of mind and heart. the loving spirit that we seek to have and our general way of being. We often call our "nation", as separate from our governance, or "the Hierarchy", "the Tiara". That is mroe about Queen Tiara than about anything

We find that this headpiece represents us. As Tiara herself said "Not too much and not too little". Here is one queen's understanding.


This was written by Queen Diamantina I, the seventh queen, during her queenship and concerns the expanding part played by the tiara in the lives of the Florestelle

There are many things for which Queen Tiara is loved. Not the least of these is the headpiece that bears her name. Despite the fact that she is unsatisfied with its spread and dominance of our mode of dress, she is proud of it in its own right and still desings them. Her diffidence at their dominance of our costumery is made apparent, and the why is explained in two quotes that she has repeated too often for anyone's liking: "I see that the monster I have created doth bestride Monda Di Aurea like a colossus" and "I will not have my shadow fall across our world like a would-be goddess". This is in line with Andrielle's saying "We have no gods becuase it creates bickering over who was made in whose image, and besides, did you ever see gods that did not think they were better than everybody else?". These are genuine feeling on the part of Tiara that, having seen her in Council, I can attest to. She is scrupulously observant of our forms and ettequettes and goes out of her way to be sure that she infringes on no one's right or prerogative and has had to be prodded heavily to do those things that others would, and she ought to, leap into. But then, that is what makes her Tiara the Bestest. And, it is these characteristics that are part of the spread of her little creation. As for the rest...

Look at the thing she has wrought. It is a pastiche of changing colors, with different colors at different places and different times. What could be more expressive of our own soul?

It is distincly feminine and suits us to the last cell in our bodies

It is made of metal and crystal. What better way to express the civilized way of life?

It sits atop the head in a proud bearing. Are we not a worthy people whe earned her worthiness through struggle, tears and blood? [and worse tests were yet to come since this was before the Clan Wars and the Pink Horror of the Sryl and all the things that brought]

It calls attention to the head, the seat of the mind, eyes, mouth and soul. Its shape compliments our hair and head

For all these reasons. The tiara is the perfect symbol of our kind. and will be cherished always and everywhere we are or have influence.

There is yet another reason we wear tiaras so much. Some of our tiaras have speical meanings that reflect our way of life and being. For all of our intelligence, we have the mentality of the 6-8 year old girls from which we were made. Part of the making of us was that, though our bodies grow in size, we do not make the other transitions to being grownups like you do. We look like outsized little girls. We lack certain organs and have others that pertain to our use of "magic". This was part of the price we paid for the powers, great intellect and long life. This fact is also true of our Mentality. Therefore, we have adapted our most cherished images, the heart, the star and the scallop shell. to represent as symbols things that are important or useful to us. That means all the things that Queen Diamantina wrote.

As a reminder of the things that they represent. We often put the symbols in the designs of some of the tiaras we wear. A starred tiara reminds the wearer of the Five Ways to Be. A tiara with a scallop shell, of our roots in the world from which we came: Your world, a tiara featuring hearts tells of the things we treasure and hold dear.

There are some tiaras that every Fairy gets:

This is the very first "real" tiara that a girl gets. She gets it on her fourth name day. It uses both the heart and scallop shell

This is a 5 hearts tiara that speaks of the Five Treasrues.
  • The Center heart is herself as the center of all her values
  • Her intellect
  • Her family
  • Her Fairyness
  • Her World
This is the "Monda Di Aurea" tiara. It symbolizes the world to which we moved under the leadership of Liselle "in the interstices of the twists and turns of Dimonsion and Extension" with the scrollwork being those twists and turns and the large pearl being our world

Each Fairy has well over a dozen tiaras.

Some Tiara Customs and Rules

The tiara is so special that I have decided to list the customs here, with the rest of the material about tiaras

A lady who is very proficient at tiara design and making is called "Star Maker" and her name, and earns a place in our historical records and traditions

At no time is "magic" used in the making of the tiara. The maker believes that to be a true tiara. it must be made and each part put in place by a living person directly

When she has finished making the tiara and it is ready, the maker breaths soflty on it and says "Into you I breath life"

It is almost unheard of for a Fairy to acquire her own tiaras. They are given as tokens of affection: "A girl who is much loved has many tiaras"; or by parents

Many of our phrases and gestures reference the tiara

A Fairy is always wearing a tiara, even to bed, from the time she is 2-1/2

A Fairy wears a different size tiara at differnt times of the day. She wears smaller or less showy ones during the brighter parts of the day and will often wears one of her "baby" tiaras around the house or when they are playing games.

A Fairy wears a small tiara to bed, It seems that if she wears a larger one, it disturbs her sleep and gives her very unpleasant, icky or scary dreams in which she feels trapeed

Fairies keep all their tiaras on dieplay in their rooms on shelves, It is believed that the tiara thrives on beeing out in the light

A Fairy gives her tiara 3 names like the tiara is a living person and uses the feminine pronoun, "ella" with her tiara(s)

At Noon each day, the Fairy pickes up each of here tiaras, calls her by her full 3 names, kissies here and put s her back saying "Gracia [thank you]"

It is unlawful to take, kiss, rub or even touch another's tiara on purpose unless one is invited to first and one of the most unlawful things of all is to remove anther's tiara without being invited to do so, Even a parent may not remove that of a child except for very, very serious reasons or to change it. Even a child or "Fairylet" may not take off her tiara without permission from a parent or Nurse. Kissing another's tiara is restricted to married Fairies

Touching tiaras together is restricted to only the closest of friends or family members; which includes one's dolls, and the married