airies love things that are shiny, iridescent, sparkly, metallic or pearlescent. They also love very smooth materials, most of their clothes are made with a satin that is made from milkweed that we grwo especiall for that. We are also known for our use of rubber: Almost as mauch as for our magic and our tiaras. How did that come about?

Well, a long time ago, we exprimented with creating new or adapting already existiog living things to suit our needs. We adapted and created plants, flowers and even trees in our new world to make materials for clothees. We wanted the very smoothest materials we could make that would feel just soooo scrumptious on our bodies. We adapted the milkweed, a plant of no real account to have pods and fibres as long as a persons arm. These fibers could be made into thread and then into the most wonderful of satins that felt like woven pearl

We also made a plant, actually, a tree, that grew about 20 times as tall as a person. This plant had sap that dried into a smooth strechy material. It also had huge petals that would unfold into sheets of very smooth but not stretchy material the size of a small room and came in different colors and anywhere from very see-though to not at all see-through. One Fairy, Melestra said "Oh! I bet we could make clothes with this that woudl feel scrumptions!" (in her own language). and tried, but the material was non-woven. Though it felt yummy to touch, when put on the body it would get sticky, Meliestra tried using powder to make it stop sticking then the material rubbed on her body and felt horrible, Especially on her chastity area where it fetl like it was trying to molest her and the "dry sliminess" as she called it was horrid on her nipples, tummy and other parts of her body where she felt things more than ordinary and she abandoned the idea of wearing it on her body

However, the material does shed water and looks pretty in pastel and see-through colors and almost see through as well as shiny, iridescent and pearlescent finishes, so the Fairies said "Well, at least we can use it for outer clothes when it rains and for panties to put over a baby's diaper and other things" Then they found that they liked the way it looked so much that they just wore outer clothes; capes, cloaks and over-dresses because they liked them

Melestra found that it could be used to chastize bad Little Girls and other bad persons Then they found that if you put it on a persons chastity area and rub her for a while, it made her have strong feelings that were absolutely horrible, made her body wriggle around and jump by itself and made the person wet, Melestra noticed this and said "We shall call this material 'rubber' because you put it on a bad person and rub her"

Then, as was customary, the Fairies appointed a lady to see to this material's use and keeping, whom they call "Lady Rubber" or the "Rubber Lady" and who is called "The Rubber Fairy" just as the one who takes care of the plants we adapt or create to use to make things or just enjoy is "Lady Flower" or "The Flower Fairy" and the one who looks after our cherished headpieces is called "Lady Tiara', "Tiara Lady" and "Tiara Fairy" by non fairies.

Rubber comes from huge flowereing trees that are over a hundred feet tall The stretchy rubber is gotten from the sap, is colored and then dried into sheets. The non-stretchy kind is gotten from the petals. Here is how that is done: During and shortly after a rainstorm, huge blossoms grow on this tree, so it is called "Rainflower tree" or "Rainflower" which is also the more technically correct name for rubber. As quickly as we can, we harvest these. As big as the flower is, being the size of a person's head and coming in many colores that are clear or see-thwough or allmost so, pearlescent/iridescent or plain and pastel colors, it is actually one piece of material that is elabarately folded and unfolds into a very large square sheet the size of a small room. We color and dry the white stretchy material made from the sap and roll it up and then cut off pieces in the size we want. We do the same with the non-stretchy material

Aside from raincapes, baby panties, curtains, tablecovers and other things, we use this material to make the capes that littl girls wear all the time, It makes the little girl look more adorable than she already does. The difference is that little girls' capes fasten down the front, this is used to restrict her arms and make her feel rubber on them when she is being chastized. Also each litatle girl has a chastizement wordrobe, Short dresses, skirts, babydolls and underthings, including DIAPERS (that are put UNDER baby diapers and rubber panties, right on their chastity area). The material is used to punish grown up Fairies. Although Fairy little girls are most often a joy to have, some have badness inside of them and are kept in rubber all the time and are called Rubber Ruffle Girls or Rainflower Girls. Becuase we are such close frineds the the D'Arielle ladies, they also use rubber to chastize bad girls. The Rubber Fairy also visits non-Fairies and chastizes them if she feels that they need it

That is the story of how we discovered and use rubber