he two strongest items in Fairy culture over the last 8000 years have been tiaras and rubber. These have engendered more terms, phrases and gestures than any thing else in all our history The tiara has been the "perfect symbol of our kind" for so very long and rubber was used as the chosen method to chastize and make persons miserable. This was aided by the two cultural watersheds. The Great Wars: Clan wars that lasted for what seemed ever and the Pink Horror, when the dark-haired Fairies made Slaves and playthings of the light/metallic heared and it became fashionalbe to see who could inflict the most misery on her "toys" without actually causing bodily harm, for which rubber treatement was the ideal.


e have a life outside the world of tiaras and rubber: How we call each other and things like that. It would be a mark of courtesey for a Little Girl like yout to learn some of these. Here are some of the general things

PARLA: Our language; given to us and named by Malicia, who made us. If you wish to impress a fairy, learn a few words and phrases in Parla. It simply means "speech" or "say" and was the language her people spoke. It resembles several of your languages although it is much older. This ought to have solved the question of her origin but it could have been the root from which was created the root language form which those languages sprang

FLORISTELLE; FLORI DI ESTELLE: What we are called in our speech. An ancient name that means "Star Flowers"

MONDIAUREA; MONDA DE AUREA: Our name for our world, what you call Fairyland. It means "World of Gold" and was so named by Lieselle when she moved us here after the First Great Rebellion, saying "This is a wonderful world; like a newly made and yet-unstruck gold coin. it can be made to serve our needs and wants. I shall call it 'Monda De Aurea'"

The TIARA: All of Fairydom in its totality; the land, the people, culture, Institutions, being; Everything. Of the attraction to things Fairy, we say "The Tiara has a powerful call". In our language, Parla, given to us by Malicia, it is "La Tiara"

The HIERARCHY: The governemnt and its organization, structure and persons

DARYLETTE [name of the Princess adopted by Queen Tiara "out of feeling for the little foundling"]: 1. A nasty person. 2. To use someone in a very showy and nasty way

LADY; in our language, DONA: Term of address to any fairy; a general title; a specific title with her occupation, name or both. In fact, if you wish to impress her, call her "Dona Mea" which means "My Lady" when addressing her. The most important ones are

  • LADY TRUTHFINDER: A lady whose work consists of finding what is true.
  • LADY FLOWER: The person in charge of the growing things
  • LADY TIARA: The lady who is responsible for all things tiara
  • LADY RUBBER: the lady who does the official chastizeing or sees to such matters.
  • LADY TOOTH: the "Tooth Fairy". she collects the fallen-out teeth of persons. those from little girls are made into a fine powder. This is put into the material that the Fairylets' dollies are made from. The little fairylet can then feel the personality of the little girl from whom the tooth came. Fairylets call her "Auntie Tooth" and just adore her
  • LADY ....: any title
Names for Fairies of different ages
  • LARVA: A Baby Fairylet under 4
  • P'CHAANA: A Fairylet from 4 to 7
  • PUELLA: A Fairylet from 8 to 13
  • JUVENA: A young girl form 14 to 19
  • DAMISELA: A young girl from 19 to 25
  • DONA: a grown Faiy over 25.DONA GRANDA, DONA MAGNA and DONASTELLA refer to positions in the Hierarchy with the last being the highest besides the Queen and serving on the Council of Laides.Donastella Tiara is Lady Tiara, Donastella Denta is Lady Tooth, also called "Tianta Dental" (Auntie Tooth") by fairylets, and so forth for all the highest-ranking Ladies in their respective areas with the Queen or "Reina" serving as the head of this with the rank of Donastella Omnia


or so many years, have we had tiaras that they are very much a part of how we speak. They were named for our most well-known and beloved Quenn; Tiara I "The Bestest". Here is a list of phrases and gestures we use as a matter of course. To us, tiaras are almost living persons. A FEW STONES SHORT OF A TIARA: A bit dumb or crazy, not all there, a few bricks short of a load, a screw loose, not playing with a full dack

....CARRYING (HER, ONE'S) TIARA: humbly, without pride, abjectly, hat in hand

DRAGGED BY THE TIARA: coerced into the activity under discussion. dragged kicking and screaming. conned or heavily cajoled into, done against ones will or better judgement, mislead into.

(HAD, HAVE GET GOTTEN) (HER ONE'S) TIARA TAKEN: thoroughly gotten the better of, humiliated, embarrassingly done to or to allow oneself to be done in such a manner

to GIVE (ONE'S) TIARA (TO): Endorse, support or promote a person, place, thing or activity.

TO HAVE (ONE'S) TIARA MADE HOSTAGE: Blackmailed, extorted into. threatened with the witholding or loss of something one values very highly as a goad to do something one really does not want to do

A (PRINCESS, QUEEN) WITH NO TIARA: a fraud, poseur or phony


WITHOUT EVEN A TIARA: peniless or totally devoid of resources

COUNTING THE STONES IN (HER ONE'S) TIARA: going to absurd length to see to it that one is not beiing cheated or overcharged or misused to the point where the hassle is worse than what you are trying to avoid, stingy, parsimoniously

(__ have, ___ has) HAD THAT TIARA FOR A GENERATION: That is old news.

TRYING TO MAKE (HER ONE'S) TIARA STAND ABOVE THE REST: excessive self-importance, puffery or demeaning others to make oneself look the better. The phrase comes from the fact that the esthetic value of a tiara comes from the design work rather than from the size of the thing

TIGHT TIARA SYNDROME also TTS: an imagined illness that is used to explain someone not being too bright or sharp. A caustic remark about someone faking illness; "Oh sure, what do you have? Tight Tiara Syndrome?", unspecified illness, general malaise. Also monthly visitor or menopause. Also said in the context of a specific person, anything that makes that person crazy; "Do not even mention butterscotch to Cassandra: you know it gives her Tight Tiara Syndrome".

A TIARA BREAKER: ruinous, powerful, a condition without which something does not occur

WOULD TRADE (or HAS TRADED) (ONE'S) TIARA FOR A HANDFUL OF GRASS (or BOWL OF WORMS or BAG OF SAND or anything referring to something wrthless): Is gotten cheaply, easily taken advantage of becuase of an avaricious nature, does not bargain well

THROW AWAY (ONE'S) TIARA: To totally embarrass oneself, do exceedingly badly because of negligence, poor preparation or other factors that even the minimal amount of care would have avoided. WOULD WAGER (ONE'S) TIARA: To express absolute certitude. 100% sure, with no doubt

WE KNOW WHO'S TIARA IS BEING WORN: We know who is running things, usually implying a very thinly veiled attemtpt to hide that fact, implying that one has had ones own tiara taken away and is wearing one of the other person's choosing. being bossed around in a humiliating way.

DOES NOT KNOW (HER, ONE'S) TIARA FROM A GRAIN OF SAND: does not appreciate what is really valuable.

DO NOT BELIEVE EVEN (HER) TIARA: Totally without credibility. nto to be taken seriously, a lightweight

QUEEN ANDRIELLE'S TIARA: a widely believed falsehood. the objrct of a fruitless search or quest, "You are seeking Queen Andrielle's Tiara"; you are chasing after an unreal thing and please do not trouble me again about this. This is derived from Fairy Queen Andrielle, revered for her wisdom, who was queen well before tiaras were invented by the Fairies and became a staple part of their dress. SEEKNOG QUEEN ANDRIELLE'S TIARA: "You are on a wild goose chase and do not bother me with this again." A fool's errand

THE TIARA OF IT: The main point or issue



A TIARA AT: Is very, very good at, excels in or is the best at.

KNOCK OVER THE TIARA: To do (usually something bad, stupid or embarrassing) in a very visible way such that it cannot be denied, distanced from, deflected, diminised, amended or ignored.

TIARA DE MUNDA, TIARA DE TUTTI TIARI or THE MOTHER OF ALL TIARAS: something REALLY BIG. first prize, all the marbles, the big kahuna,

FRIGHTENED OF (ONE'S) OWN TIARA: cowardly, too easily frightened

WOULD NOT LISTEN TO (ONE'S) OWN TIARA; excessively undtrusting, paranoid, overly suspicious. Also too stubborn, really thick.

I HOPE YOUR TIARA EXPLODES INTO A MILLION FLINDERS: An obscenity; A tiara is a thing of great value. To wish evil upon one's tiara is a great curse. "Flinders" are the sharp, brittle and fried remanins of a crystal that has flash-burned and shattered.


The basic tiara gesture is to make an up-pointing triangle by joining the index finger and thumb of one hand to the same fingers of the other. This iscalled "making the tiara".

Made to a person in the proper position it signifies "good" approval or "all right". Made with the point downward it means that the person is bad or dis-approved of. the "tiara" is usually held in front of one's own face to show clearly.

If made in the proper position on the head of a person it signifies putting a tiara on that person--very good. If used in the point-down position it is calling her a large-scale fool or dummy or a bad name

If made in the proper position upon or over the person's head then the two hands quickly pulled apart, It signifies breaking the person's tiara and is a way of showing strong dislike, if made in the point down postiont on or above the other person's head, and the hands quickly pulled apart it signifies contempt and worthlessness of that person. If the hands are pulled apart slowly, it signifies that the other person is sooo incompetent that one could do with her what one wishes at one's own leisure.

If made in the proper position in front of one, the placed upon one's own head and a funny little dance is done, it is a way of calling the other perosn an egotistical little twit

If one makes the tiara on ones own head then raises it as high as feasible it is a way of telling the other person that she is trying to make her tiara stand above all others; a way of saying that she is too proud

If made in the proper position and place upon one's own head then slowly brought down, it signifies "I am sorry" or an acknowledgement of deafeat or the superiority of the other, as in removing one's own tiara.

Made in the proper position and put upon one's head then the handes are pulled apart and put over the eyes, it says "aren't you embarrassed?" or some other form of demeaning question.

If made in the point down position and put on the front of ones' own dress or skirt about 3 inches below the waist it is calling the person a trollop

If one turns 90 degress to the left and makes the tiara then the hands pulled apart then turns 90 degress to the the right and makes the tiara again it is saying "Tiaras at 12 paces" and is a challenge. Acceptance is shown by making a tiara even with one's chest,


e invented rubber and rubber chastizement thousands of years ago. we also speak in very flowery terms which tend to be indirect and you may need to learn how we call things. We speak a different language than you and so the words hved to be litterally translated then that meaening had to be explained.

We started describing rubber chastizement in flower terms and named the special part of the body where you feel thing and feel about yourself as girl most the "Flower". This name comes from the fact that when it "blooms" the feeling starts at the flower and goes through the whole body in waves "...like a flower unfolding and folding her petals"
BUD: The very first feelings as one's rubber chastizement begins.

BLLOM: have the wetsy and all that it brings with it. wetting, the feelings, the feelings of humiliation and about oneself as a girl.

Some of the names of things reference the evil princess Darylette, who whas the first person ever to get a wetsy and one of the names the Fairie use for wetsy is Darylette.

DARYLETTE: wetsy. (to) DARYLETTE (someon) 1. to give a wetsy. 2. to give a wetsy in the same manner as was given to Darylette 3. one of the names for rubber

DARYLETTE'S BANE: Rubber and Rubber chastizement

RAINFLOWER: The fairy name for rubber ans it comes from the Rainflower Tree

RAINFLOWER DANCE: The wriggling and uncontollable twitching around that comes with the wetsy. also CRIB DANCE and FLOWER DANCE

RAINFLOWER GIRL: A Fairylet kept in rubber as a way of life, what we call a RUBBER RUFFLES GIRL

INSIDE-THE-PANTIES STORM: Wetting in general or a wetsy

WET NURSE: A lady who specializes in giving wetsies

LADY RUBBER: The Rubber or Chastizement Lady. The lady who attends to the making, care and use of rubber amongst US. This is a title much as the Flower Fairy is called Lady Flower and the Tiara Fairy is Lady Tiara.

PICK (One's, HER, _____'s)) FLOWER or GET (HER YOUR _____'S) FLOWER PICKED: Having one's flower massaged with rubber until the wetsy happens

OPEN (ONe's, HER, ,____'s)FLOWER: opening the flower so that rubber nipples can be put inside all the time

CRY LIKE A BRIDE: To cry noisily, helplessly and pathecially, This comes from the fact that, at one time, the bride in a marriage was treated as littl more than a doll and her bridal outfit was a very short rubber dress and part of the ceremony was that she was laid on a rubber-covered bed, held down by the bride'smaids and having Housmistress lift her skirts up and wetsy her. The more she cried, the better it was thought to be, This is still done under certain circumstances now.

WET LIKE A BRIDE: to wet heavily and helplessly. see CRY LIKE A BIRDE. This was from the Pink Horror also called "sryl" period that lasted for 2100 years when the dark-haired Fairies had made slaves and playthings of the light-heared "Blondies" leading to the Second Great Rebellion and the elimination of the dark-haired so that this would never happen again. This gave us things like the MARITAL PAD BED SMELLY, FIDGET and BRIDAL PAD, now used mostly on troublesome fairylets. Another resutl of this is that we cannot stand to have anything pink directly on our bodies, even pink satin, which is why all chastizement undergarments are pink rubber

MARITAL PAD: From that time: A rubber covered pad that was put between Housemistress, who dressed for the occasion by putting a clear rubber dress over her satin one, and Bride that ran from the nipples to the knee, which made it longer than Bride's rubber dress. My Lady would dress in a thick satin covered diaper and panties. lay next to the poor Bride who was in rubber all the time, put this pad between them, then reach around her with one hand holding her snugly and with the other get up under the back of her skirt and massage her bottom so that the rubber would rub on her chastity area. This would cause the Bride to start wriggling helplessly by herself. This would make My Lady's satin covered diaper rub on her chastity area and feel scrumptious. As for the Bride, this just built up and felt worse and worse until the wetsy.

BIDAL PAD: a small rubber covered pad that was put between the Bride's cloth and rubber diapaers to press the rubber one more snugly against the Bride's flower

BED SMELLY: a large cloth sheet put on the bride instead of the usual diaper, which she wet, when it was very wet and smelly, it was taken off her and dried, wrapped and folded in rubber. This was to be part of the Bride's bedding. Often it would be used as a marital pad. The result was that smell had different effects on My Lady and Bride. increasing the pleasur for Housemistress and making the wetsy feel stronger and much worse for the Bride

FIDGET: The helpless wriggling that leads to the most strongly felt and worst kind of wetsy as done to a Bride. Now, it means the same thing except that the person, usually a fairylet being chastized, is put in her rubber sleeping bag, a rubber covered pad put down the front to make it very snug and the girl's bottom or nipples massaged until she starts to wriggle by hereself. The wetsy from a Fidget is far stronger than from simply being rubbed and sometimes lasts over a minute as wave after wave of "that feeling" goes through the body sometimes making the person double up as the last few drops are dragged out of her.

FAIRYLET'S FLOWER: The rubber sleeping bag

MALICIA'S KISS: Kissing a girl on the lips as she is getting the wetsy to make it feel even worse. Malicia is the name by which we know the "sorceress" who made us from little girls. She is said to have ruled for almost a thousand years by means of infliction on them horrid feelings that "ached but didn not break, burned but did not consumed" and could be inflicted for enormous lengths of time with no physical harm but left the "inside" of a girl permanantly changed. None of the girls from Malicia's Time were unscarred in this fashion

MALICIA'S CARESS: describes the feeling of being dressed in rubber, such as the constant firmness and "pickiness" of the nipples

BABYDOLL'S CARESS: Another name for Malicia's Carress

(A) LITTLE DARYLETTE: a NIPPLE WETSY since mnay of the same feelings as when rubber is used on the flower happen when it is used on the nipple but not in as string a way.

FAIRYLET'S FLOWER PETAL: The pink rubber sheet upon which a Fairylet is laid to rubber chastize her. It is often made in the shape of a large flower petal

DOLLY CUDDLE: A Fidget, since in the case of a Fairylet, this usually involves her largest doll

(To give a) CRIB DOLLY FONDLE: A kind of Fidget where the Fairylet's baby crib is brought out into the sitting room and she is dressed and laid in her rubber sleeping bag with her dolly in the crib like a baby for all to watch her Fidget herself into a wetsy

BABYDOLL: a trollopy girl or a short rubber dress with the gather anywhere from under the arms to just above the nipples that is named for a trollopy girl. To treat in an utterly humiliationg way that includes, usulally ending with , a wetsy.

TIARA WETSY: Usually prohibited except in special cases; kissing the tiara or fondling it with rubber while the little girl is getting the wetsy.

BRIDE SPANKING: To massage the bottom and other parts of the chastity area as part of giving a wetsy.

BRIDE'S FLOWER: A large rose-shaped flower made of rubber on a long stem. it was used by laying the Bride on a rubber sheet, living her skirts, taking her rubber panties down and her diapers off and just tickling her flower with this until the inevitable happened.


LADY'S CHOICE: when the Housmistress or Bride are given the choice of how to rubber-chastize a visiting Fairylet.

NURSE'S FLOWER: A pink rubber dress that the Nurse puts over her dress when she is rubber-chastizeing a Fairylet. So named because it has a skirt that has a hem that is shaped like flower petals. If Nurse has the little girl on her lap, it protects her dress. If she lays the little girl on a bed, she "accidentally" brushes the little girl's cheek with it as she moves around doing things to her

FLOWER BED: the rubber-covered bed that is part of the chastizement room upon wich the Fairylet is laid to get her wetsy.

SKIRT-KISS: a pink semi-clear rubber skirt is put on a hanger and then run across a Fairylet's legs or face a few times as part of the wetsy-giving so that the hem lightly caresses where it rubs and being pink it makes the feelings much stronger