enerally, a Fairy is considered to be a little girl when she is between the ages of 4 and 12 and is called a "Fairylet". Between 4 and 7 she is called "P'chana" which means that she is little, adorable, sweet and all kinds of nice things. Between her eighth and twelfth birthday (Actually it is clled a "name day" because it references her first given name) she is called "Puella" (pronounced "pwayla") which just means "girl". Her parents are called "Casamistresa" which means "housmistress" and "Brida" which means "Bride". There also lives with them a "Nurse" who takes care of the Fairylet from the time she is born until she is a grownup Fairy. From the time she is 13 to 18 she is called a "Juvena" which means "young" and from 19 to 25, at which time she is a free person, she is called "Damisela". After that she is called "Dona", which means "Lady" or "Donamia"; "My Lady" which is also a name .

A Fairylet follows the same customs as a grownup lady to the extent that she can and to the extent that it does not interfere with the customs and ways of her clan and family and her status as a Fairylet. She is always wearing one of her many tiaras in accordance with our customes and is in a below the knee dress by the time she is 3 unless she is being chastized. Usually though not always, and non-Fairy mommies who have Fairylets are allowed to break this rule. A Fairylet's tiara or dolly is not used as part of her chastizement. Especially the tiara as it is our most cherished thing; even more than the wand. The function of a wand is not always apparent, to see us is to see our tiaras and this has joined the heart, star and scaloop shell as a symbol of the things we love most dearly. A Fairylet is expected to obey and submit to any grownup so long as the grownup does not try to hit or injure the little one or make her do anything against our laws, customes, codes of behavior or way of being a Fairy. This include letting the grownup lift her skirts and feel under them. She is to do as she is told. This makes her a little sad and she often smells like a mixture of flower and a tiny bit of dried wet. Fairies think that their little girls should not be completely happy since that would make them feel like persons unto themselved and that is considered bad as it makes the little girl self-absorbed and inattentive to the outside world and unwilling to listen to their elders and also proud. A proud girl is said to "try to make her tiara stand above the rest"

The "Kirstra" Doll Family

When she is about 4-1/2, each Fairylet gets a special set of dolls. This is done to promote the understanding of Fairy ways, it is an imaginary Family and they all have the same names no matter what Fairylet has them, she cannot change their names except to give them the secret and last names of her choice. They are called the "Kirstra" dolls. Kirstra means "Cherished" and is ofthen used to represent the name Christine, or Christina: They are Dolly Queen Kirestelle Annelise Sharilyn, Dolly Lady Arielle Darylise Floricia, who is married to the Queen, and their little girl, Tira, Dolly Princess Tiara Delise Dorielle and Dolly Bride Lady Kirsten Melise Andrielle, who is PrincessTiara's bride and is the Fairy equivalent of the traditional "bride doll" that every little girl gets, and their little girl, Melisandra . This is in addtion to any other dolls the Fairylet gets. There are imaginary stories written about these Fairies from which a Fairylet learns the ways of her people. These are small, about 32 cm tall and the equvalent of Barbie. The Fairy will keep this set of dolls all her life. There ar many accessories made for them and clubs for them either for individual ones or the family as a whole and plays are put on using them by both Fairies and Fairylets. Any Fairylet is thrilled to be invited to a Kirstra teaparty almost as much as to a tiara social and on the special occusions a Fairylet will often be dresses as one of the Kirstra Family.

Over the millennia. Different "characters" have been associated with the dolls. Lady Arielle is taken to be any of the Ladies of the Hierarchy, like Lady Flower, Tiara Lady or Rubber Lady. She also plays the scheming usurper. Queen Kierestelle plays both the Good Queen and the Evil one.Princess Tiara plays both Herself (Tiara before she became Queen) or Darylette the evil princess. Kiersten (or Kirsten) often plays a neurotic bride. Stories that fieature Princess Tiara often find her in combat using one or another of the gymnaistically oriented fighting arts. The stories featuring Lady Arielle are usually "cerebral", involving plots and counterplots. Queen Kierestelle stories are about matters of honor and Kiersten is often a comical character, although all of them have been featured in comedies and tragedies and stories the type of which have meanings that only Fairies understand. The chief characteristic of these plays is that only the Kirstra dolls are used. This a Queen Kierestelle will be used for both the good and evil Queen

These dolls have a special place in the way Fairies live and the "tooth fairy" known as "Tianta Denta [Auntie Tooth; and much loved by fairylets]" is also the Doll Lady and makes or enforces the rules governing the Kierstra dolls to keep matters straight since they are such an important part of a Fairy's lige


A Pachana and a Puella are dressed much like the grownups in dresses, skirt/blouse and jumper/blouse outfits. They wear dresses that are between the knee and calf, which is a bit shorter than for an older girl or grownup. Like all Fairy dresses and skirts, this is a full-skirted, full-bodiced comfortable garment. It has short sleeves. Fairies love to wear capes and cloaks. The Fairylet is also dressed in them. The Fairylet's cape or cloak is made of rubber that is clear or a see-through color and often has designs, usually polka dots, and looks like a rain cape and fastens down the front, but, unlkie the grownups rain cloak, has no armholes. Thsi is for when the little girl must be "dealt with". Then the fasteners are fastened, this restricts her arm movement and,. if desired, her arms can be massaged with the rubber gently to give her an unpleasant feeling. If a Fairylet is starting to get "difficult" a parent wil go up to her and lift the hem of her cape and say "We seem to be a little proud. what a pretty cape this is". when travelling or going visiting, she carries one of her big dolls and a pack or shoulder bag in which are severa things: The "Fairylet" or little girl's magic wand, sewing items and thread so that her parents can fix her clothes, little girl scissors and drawing, writing and coloring materials. some playthings; assorted crystals, the special dolls and doll things. One thing she has is a bag within this bag. In this bag are several large pieces of Fairy satin and a pair of clear rubber panties. This is for a spacial purpose. If a grownup Fairy wishes to, she can put thr rubber panties on her over the ones the Fairylet has on already, and feel her between the legs, she will fold one of the sheets of satin and put in inside the Fairylet's satin panties so that the little one will get a "yummy" from the thick, swaddling of the satin between her little legs then put the clear rubber panties over the satin ones so that she can feel them but the little girl does not and gets all the feelie she wants while Fairylet gets a "yummy". This is considered to be a good thing that is enjoyable for both and if a Fairylet so much as hesitates to allow this, she is considered to be proud and can expect, when she gets home to spend a couple of days in rubber diapers and a rubber babydoll and to get a few wetsies after which she will be given to the lady whom she offended and have to stay with her and her family if there is one for a week, which is 10 days, dressed and treated pretty much as the offended lady wishes (usually the Fairylet is so pathetic that the lady takes pity on her and treats her very well but for the first 3 or 4 days the little Fairylet does not know if this is real or a trick and will be quite ill at ease).


It is customary in some families, and thankfully, thatn number is shrinking, for Fairylets to be lightly chastized, not for what they did, but for other causes. These Fairies believe it is not good for their little girls to be happy all the time or "too happy" and may want their home to smell like the little girl is a little unhappy. All Fairies also want to take steps to see to it that the lttile girl isn never proud or trollopy and by making it clear to her than she can be made unhappy at the whim of a grouwnup Fairy, she learns that she is not the most powerful thing in the world. The process by which this kind of thing is done is called "Preventive Chastizement".

This is why the fairylet wears a transparent rubber cape. Also she may be made to sit on one of the grownups' lap and the grownup will rub her knee lightly with a piecd of rubber. The grownup may just fasten the little girl's rubber cape so that the material rubs against her arm. Another thing is that the family will chose a day of the week on which the little Fairy will be diapered/rubber pantied and short-skirt dressed for the day and be required to wet her diaper and changed in front of whoever is there. An addition to this is that for the time she is diapered, she may be made to lay on a rubber pad with a clear rubber sheet over her legs. How one could do such horrible things to the sweet littlle girls that most fairylets are without provocation is beyond me


What Little Girl would not love to be a Fairy? This can be a treat for Mommy, Mistress or Stepmother as she looks at her adorable Little Girl; so femininely cute and dainty: Your Little Girl will be a standout showpiece. Even if she is not a princess or queen, being a Fairy is just ever so scrumptious. The ladies at RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME are so in love with our ways that they train their little charges in them and raise them like we do ours. You can keep your Little Girl as a Fairy whether she is a good girl or a bad one, good Fairylets get nice things; a lot of satin and not much rubber, Rubber and short dresses is all bad Fairy little girls get. We are all too willing to help with this pleasant task.

*Fairies have many tiaras. They wear different ones at different times of the day. A medium to large one in the morning, a small one during the midday, a large one during the eveneing and a medium, small or especially one of their "baby" tiaras to bed. Becuase they love their tiaras and are very proud of them, they have shelves in their rooms where thy keep thenm out in the light becuase they feel that their tiaras are almost alive and have feelings and love the light.

*Because Fairies and their little girls wear capes almost all the time, the making of cape clasps is almost as much a cherished art as tiaras so they keep a place to display their cape clasps as well

*Fairis and their little girsls also wear transparent and glossy veils like a bride so they need veils and combs

*Fairies do not wear special clothes to bed. They simply keep what they are wearing on. They bathe, change and groom themselves in the morning and do the same with their Little Girls. Fairy grooming is a very elaborate thing as they are very aware of their bodies and wish to keep themselves attractive

*Fairies are very much taken with names and like very feminine ones.

*Fairylets call grownup ladies "My Lady" or "Lady" and her name.

*You will want to put some scent in your Little Girl's hair and on her clothes, body and veil to make her smell like the kind of Fairy Mommy, Mistress or grownup wants her to be

*Your Little Girl will have to learn to carry the Fairylet's bag

*when a Fairylet gets a new thing, especially a dolly or a tiara, she goes through something called "making it her own" where she learns to have strong feelings about and towrads it. During this 3 day time, she is rewarded for good things and punished for bad things for more strongly than usual.

*Fairies do nat celebrate their birthdays. Instead, they celebrate their "Name Day" for each of the three names that they get as they grown. As she grows, a Fairy gets names that she is called so that when she is 12 she is called by 3 names. She gets her first one at 4, the next, which MUST end in "lise" or "ilise" at 8 and the third at 12 and she is called be all of these hames at all times

Every little girl should have a "Fairy Cousin" of her own age that she is most like and has the same Name Day as and while she will never be able to use a magic wand, she celebrates her Fairy Cousin's Wand Day shortly after the 18th Name Day. It helps a little girl feel like she is vital part of the Fairy world and if she gets a real Fairy Cousin who will treat her like a good friend well...