if you have any questions about how Fairies live, feel or do things, Lady Rubber, our dear friend, has agreed to answer them for you if they are real and you are not just trying to play a prank, for which you will be severly chastized: We will give you to her for a weekend to be her dolly. When you ask a question Fairy Lady needs to know your name and age and if you are a Baby, Little, Little Miss, Mistress or Babyminder (which depends on your age) If you are a grownup then tell us if you are a Mommy, Mistress, Stepmother, Nurse or Rubber Nurse and be civil to her

by Rubber Lady Tarilyn Marilise Andrielle

Do you really steal babies and children: Please? Little Miss Page Michelle. 9

Page Michelle: I am appalled at you! What would your Mommy say? No, we do not, what often happens is this: A lady will be barren and want to have a baby or my want to be be sure that she will have a girl baby. We are capable of doing this but the little gir will be part Fairy. We ask in return that the name of the Fairy who sees to this is included in the Little Girl's name. For some reason we do not understand, the lady often goes back on her promise or shows that she cannot properly care for her little part-Fairy, so we take the infant to live among us where she is considered very special and loved to just pieces. Now you may ask, why did we not take Christine Daryleanne Paradise? She has a touch of violet in her eyes, we do not allow those with that trait to live amongst us because of something that happened many hundreds of years ago so we let her stay here wih Housemistress Sandra and Nurse Bridget. Also, Christine was very much loved when she first came here. Anyway, these part fairies or "Pa'f'ries" are very much wanted and grow up to be respected ladies and some have become Queen. You see, they grow up to be very much wiser than we can ever hope to be.

So you see, we do not steal babies and children and find the ideas absolutely horrid and distasteful and do not EVER repeat that or Miss Sandra will let me take you to Fairyland and make you a rubber girl for just ever

Why do you take teeth and what do you do with them? Little Linda, 6

This has to do with what our little girls, or as Housemistress and Rubber Nurse call them "Fairylets" are like. When we are given something, we go throught something called "making it our own". We always have it either close by or wearing it, for 3 to 4 days. This is especially true of tiaras and when we are little, dolls. As little girls, we can feel the little personality that a doll has

We love little girls like you burstingly and want to have the dolly that a Fairylet will get to have a little personality. You do not know this, but becuase a tooth has been part of you so very closely, it will have your personality on it, at least for us to read, since we were made from little girls just like you thousands of years ago. So we take the tooth, grind it to a fine powder and mix it into the material of which a single dolly is to be made. When that dolly is given to a little Fairylet, she goes through the whole thing of making it her own and can feel the personality of the little girl from whom the tooth came. If you notice, we leave little girls much better things than we leave other persons because we are very thankful for the littl piece of herself that she is giving us. By the Way, Linda, The last tooth of yours that we took went into a dolly that was given to a girl named Lynestra. and she is just sooooo pleased with her so you must be a scrumptious little girl.

Do you really have a crush on Nurse Bridget? :Giggle:

STOP RIGHT THERE ANDREA LYNNE!! Shame on you!. If Nurse Bridget Alicia heard that she would put you in a rubber diaper and wetsy you so fast that you would think that you are Christine Daryleanne Paradise! You did not think I knew it was you; did you? I know that giggle anywhere.

No I have been happily married for over 200 years so that would be robbing the cradle. Nurse Bridget and Housemistress Sandra are alos happily married. I was the Matron of Honor since it was done in Fairyland. I love them both just burstingly. But I Do know who you have a biiiig crush on: Right Kirianne...um...Andrea? And how do you think Kiri would feel if she heard you say that? She is my little girl and I just might tell her. GIGGLE!!

Now let us see about getting you a nice rubber babydoll to match Christine's...Double GIGGLE!