s you have seen from the foregoing, we have a rich culture with many and varied things in it. Like all Peoples wh have a dynamic culture, We have a set of customs and ways that use these things. Some are like all poeples and some are unique to us. Now that you understand how we came to be, our names and the importance of tiaras to us. You may wish to know some of our ways

Fairies count mostly by 12's and to a lesser extent, by 10's like you do.

The basic unit of money is the "florin" and divides wholes, halves, thirds, quarters, fifthes, sixths, tenths, twelfths and hundredth.

The unit of measure is the "florestelle". It is set at 60 inches and divides the same way our money does. It was created by Queen Andrielle I (the Wise, who codified much of how we live) by gathering all the persons in her time, (about 2200 and finding the most common height of the middle-tall half of the population and then adding them all up and dividing by their number and setting that equal to 1 florestelle, then divided it down to the 60th and set that to the inch

To define our system of weights. she did the same with the weight of the middle-weighted half of our population. and worked it down as with money

TIME: Since our world is just the earth in a different part of Dimension and Extension. The world for us is as it was before we left with some small changes, mostly in the land areas The day is 24 hours, The week, however is 10 days with the month being 3 weeks with the year being 360 days and the left-over days being part of the after-harvest time when we celebrate a successful growing and harvesting and prepare for the winter and new year, Our New Year begins on the day when light and dark are equal and marks the start of Stirrings. We recognize 6 seasons. Stirrings, Spring, Summer, Autumn, Fall and Winter is how you would understand them

FOOLS' DAY: More correctly JESTERS' DAY. This is an extra day added every four years. On this day everyting is "open". Also it is used to "even the balance". If on has lied and not either been caugh or the like. One may confess to the lie(s) and is forgiven under two conditions 1. that you make amends and 2. that you will not do so again. If those two conditions are met then the residual stigma that goes with lying are not enacted. These things are restricted only to those who wish to participate. They indicate that they are playing by wearing a large pendant, pin or brooch with the clearly visible image of an upside-down tiara in silver on a dark brown background and a wide bracelet on the left wrist of the same shade of brown with an upside down heart and scallop shell repeating design. This requirement was added by Queen Diamantina I who said "A well done jest is a wonderful thing, but this activity should not be forced upon the unwilling as well as having those who wish to take part be able to recognize each other, which makes both parties aware of each other and they will be on their guard which will increase the quality of jesting. As to the day of confession and forgivenemss, it gives the opportunity to come correct at no cost to honor, thus bringing oneself back into the ranks of the honorable, which is good for each, every and all"

We have 6 names. a secret name known only to family and those who we marry, a name that we are called by when we were chastized as fairylets. a last name that is a compound name and six called names. the first we get when we turn 4, the next when we turn 8 that must always end with "lise" or "ilise" and the last we get when we turn 12.

We do not celebrate our "birthday" we celebrate our "Name Day" for the first of our called names

It is proper ettiquette to call a fairy by all of her called names unless you are using a title, like "Dona". Thius I would call or introduce one of my kind as either "Anestra Florilise Glendryl" or "Dona Anestra".

Faires who know each other well or are cousins greet each other with a light kiss on the cheek or by touching tiaras

A Fairy or Fairylet identifies her parents as Housmistress ("Casamistresa") and Bride and calls the by this and their fist called name. They also call the nurse "Nurse..." and her first name. A parent, Nurse or former Nurse calls her Farirylet or farmer Fairylet "Infanta" ( this does not mean "baby", but comes from the title of a royal person who has not taken the throne: Princess Royal) and her first name. Any realted lady of a previous generation is called Aunt ("tia") and a lady who has been close but not related or those who have an especially close association with Fairylets or persons when they were Fairylets is called Auntie ("Tianta") and her name or title. thus, the Tooth Fairy (who is rusponsible for part of the making of dolls for Fairylets) is called "Tianta Denta' ("Auntie Tooth")

Fairies have chastity built into them because we are keenly aware of how being given strong feelings on their bodies is umpleasantly distraction and put them in a demeaning position. It pains them to see one of their number being made almost helpless by being given strong feelings on her body unless it is part of chastizement for some thing she did. That is an important part of why we dress as we do. After age 2-1/2, we cannot wear dresses that are above the knee without being in severe discomfort. We find above the knee dresses demeaning, embarrassing and humiliatingly babuish because they are easily lifted and being kept in above the knee dresses is part of our methods of chastizement. We prefer dresses that are just above the ankle to a finger's length below the knees and full-skirted, mostly full circle very flare "A-line but also bell-skirted

Most Fairy clothes, including underthings are made from Milkweed thread from plants that were bred for this purpose. We like smooth satiny materials on our bodes. Some things are still made of cotton or linen, like baby diapers. At no time do we wear rubber of any kind on our bodies. It gets sticky and when a layer of powder is put between it and the body, it is too tickly to be toloerated as it rubs on the body when we move. Rubber is used for overdresses, capes, babythings and where waterproof things are needed, or for curtains and table coverings where we want glossy, iridescent, metallic or see-through qualities. Given all these uses, rubber is the second-most used material behind milkweed satin. Also, we do not wear petticoats to fill out our skirts. Since they are made of yards and yeards of fabric, they tend to feel oppressive and smothery, we used milkweed-satin lined crinolines to fill out our dresses and skirts.

Becuase of their full-skirted gowns and dresses, Fairies wear capes and cloaks. This is becuase these kinds of garments do not crush the skirt down in any way. We like colors that are metallic, iridescent, pearlescent. semi or fully see-through like a clear pink, or one with a lining that is a different color from the outside. If it is very cold, Fairies wear a separate down-filled long-sleeved bodice over the dress. Sometimes the bodice has built-in gloves.

Except for chastizement. Fairies do not have special night clothes that they wear to bed, isntead, the sleep in what they have on and change in the morning when they bathe.

It is unlawful for a Fairy to rub, kiss, fontole or even touch part of another's body where she feels tings strongly, this means especially the lips, nipples, tummy knees or higher on the legs, or chastity area. unless they are married or the parent. nurse or have the care of a Fairylet, The punishment is to be dressed as a trollop in a rubber babydoll, diaper, cloth diaper and rubber panties and given to the family (usually parents: Housmemistress and Bride) of the mistreated person for a couple of weeks to be felt up or chastizedin any Fairy manner that they see fit.

We make the bad person drink a large glass of something called "claro" juice, which is a delicacy in small amounts but in large amounts makes a person wet uncontrollably. The person is then put in a diaper, rubber panties and a very short-skirted dress and laid on a rubber sheet with her legs swaddled in rubber for the entire afternoon in front of her friends Often as an added punishment, a great amount of feathers will be put inside the diaper and as she gets wetter and wetter, the feathers get sticky and icky.
Because of the close realtationship between a Fairy and her tiara, these are almost never used as a direct part of chastizement. However, they may be used indirectly as part of "the scenery" or to make it worse. A Fairylet may have a special tiara that is put on her when she is chastized, though.

Another way that a Fairy or Fairylet is chastized is by being made to wear a tiara that is the same as someone else's. This has the effect of making her less than the person who's tiara she is being made to wear. The Fairies have a saying when one of them is being led around by the nose by another person, "We all know who's tiara is being worn".

As punishement, a Fairylet will be put to bed wearing a tiara like that of the dolly she is sleeping with or if she is in bed with two dollies then she is put in two tiaras, one like the one that each dolly is wearing. That is done hesitantly since a Fairylet and her dolly will often wear matching items like brooches, bracelets, pendants and tiaras

Another way they punish a bad Fairy is to make her wear a large tiara to bed. This does something that nobody understands and makes her sleep very unpleasant but she cannot wake up; it gives her bad and icky dreams and bad creepy feelings during her sleeep

To really punish a bad person, the Fairies dress her in all rubber and a diaper with a rubber diaper under it. They may also wetsy the person.

It is said that if a Fairy's tears fall on another person (Fairy or not) the other person is made to do as she is told by that Fairy

There are images that we love to see and that whe use to remind of of good things

The star represents the Five Ways to Be and is part of the night sky that we love to look at.

> The heart reminds us of the things we treasure

the scallop shell of our legendary first home near the sea with her delicate beauty.

and the Tiara herself has come to be one of these images with her gracefully feminine appearance and the name of the queen who created her and who we love most of all