by Rubber Lady Tarilyn Marilise Andrielle

ne day, I was called upon to chastisze a non-Fairy girl. It seems that her mommy knew a lady who knew how to call upon us and her little girl was in dire need of being chastized. I was told that she had been quite ill-behaved of late. From the description I could see that she was very proud so she needed some strong medicine. When I got to her house with my goodies, she had heard of us to the extent that when her mommy introduced me by the three names that are my "first" name she reacted quite strongly. Her mommy went through the list of her misbehaviors and I decided that she needed rubber chastizement. From her reaction to me, attempting to manipulate me, I could tell that she understood about rubber, Fairies and the Rubber Fairy, probably by way of the little girl gossip that goes on

I loved her name, Bridget Alicia La Rochelle and she had an adorable little voice and I only wanted to dress her in rubber and give her a French Spanking but then, upon seeing that she could not evade her just desserts she collapsed into a snivelling pathetic ball of self-pity. Now, we are not monsters but a display of weakness brings out a streak of mean in every Florestelle, especially after some display of being proud. So I ended up giving her a Fidget, as much as I hated myself for doing it, I could not stop and I could not stop myself from enjoying it. there is something extra-special about a proud little imp being reduced to a whimpering baby that does that to us. Even though, in this case, an 8 year old non-Fairy is no match for a 240 year old Rubber Lady of the Hierarchy. I wetsied her twice more before I left the next day: And left the rubber things at her house for her mommy to use on her if need by

I also ended up doing this a few more times. this from the time she was almost 9 until she was 12 or so

This preyed on me and, apparently, on her as well as she wanted to do this kind of thing to the whole world. She had the will to do that, too, and I really did not like myself for how harshly I had chastized such an adorable little thing when she was 8. When she was about 14 and some, I paid her a visit and got the welcome that any hated enemy would get. This time, rather than do what I usually did, I slowly physically overpowered her and laid her on her bed, her energy spent. I had the hem of her skirt in one hand, and with the other, I pointed to the rubber things in her closet and said "Shall I continue?"

She said meekly, "No"

"'No" what?" I scolded

"No....M-my L-l-lady" she stammered, a bit frightened

"Good", I said, "You will be calling me that many times in the next few years"

"Please, My Lady" she started "I did not..."

I interrupted "I know you did not: It is just that you will be seeing much of me"

She almost burst into tears

I continued "There is something I wish to do with you." I wanted to relish the moment, "And you can leave the rubber babydolls at home, there will be plenty where you are going"

Just then, I noticed a raspberry pink somewhat decrepit large rubber sheet of very old make and inquired after it and was told that it was the one used "On Alice in wonderland" and how she got it

This was a perfect opportunity. I told her that if this was true, what it would mean and that I could, and would love the chance to renew it if we could be friends if I did. She reluctantly agreed

I took it to Lady Truthfinder as well as checked my own sources and we verified that it was old enough and checked her findings with some things that Alice had had written and that Bridget Alicia was related to the English lady that she had named and had visitied her when she said she had. So, I had the somewhat aged sheet renewed and returned it to Bridget and said "I would hate to be the little girl with whom you would play 'Little Alice' if you had time for that" and that the story she had been told was true. Then I aksed if she would like to be a Rubber Nurse. Well, she almost fainted dead away. The summer between her Jr. and Sr. years I took her to Mondiarea to live with us and look at our Rubber Nursing School and told her about the Sryl and all that we knew about rubber. I did not let her bring "the Red Queen", as Alice called the rubber sheet and told her to keep it our secret for now. I also had Sandra over for some of the time

I then decided that this is what she would do. Take a two-year Nursing course. the first summer after her Senior year, she attented Swedish Rubber Nursing School then she took her first year of Nursing. The next summer she finished her Swedish Rubber Nursing. Then she took her second year of Nursing after which she went to French Rubber Nursing School. In both of these schools, she made a name for herself. Having "the Red Queen" played more than a small part in that. Lady Truthfinder and I ware impressed. then when she finished French Rubber Nursing, I visited her and Sandra and said "All right Bridget Alicia, I am going to 'lower the boom' on you. Whether you want to or not, you are going to Fairy Rubber Nursing School: So there!". I would have needed the same boom to lift Sandra and her jaws up from the floor as I finished "Now we will see how good you really are"

Again she did not disappoint me, there were a few days of terror as we set the usual trap for her, fearing that she might fox it out and avoid it, not knowing its real purpose, into which she fell, showing her instincts to be those of a high-level Rubber Lady of the Hierarchy, fit to have a seat in one of our governance bodies. In her tiara I personally put the pink Rainflower stone of Highest Excellence and gave her a wand that had belonged to one of the Sryl Donastella ("Star lady" the highest rank below Queen in society) Rubber Ladies. I did not tell her it was Sryl. She had a bit too much admiration for that evil cult and I wish to see if she will ever figure it out. The brooch of her cloak had been a Sryl pendant that she had won in a contest project in her History of Rubber Nursing class and then fashioned into a brooch and wears proudly to the chagrin of Ladies Tooth and Tiara, who blame me for all of that. All of this was not a result of her intelligence, which is a bit better than middling, but of her dedication

After her graduation from Fairy Rubber Nursing School, We married her and Sandra, who is also much loved among us. Sandra had acquired the care of her little niece, Lisa, who is another rubber fancier and had gotten expelled from her school because of it, fondling one of her classmates who was wearing a rubber raincape. In a search for a school that would take Lisa, Sandra Found the D'Arielle Ladies' Society, with whom we had some dealings, and enrolled Lisa in the Lady D'Arielle School. Soon she became Hademsitress of the School and Housemother of the Home, which meant she ran it from top to bottom. When Diamantine left the headship of the ladies' society to create a girls' wear company, she turned it over to Sandra, who immediately put Bridget in charge of all things rubber for the whole group, change the name of the girls' home to RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME to give it a very feminine orientation and made the Fairies an essential part thereof as well as increasing manyfold our dealings with the whole Ladies Society

From this, We, the Rubber Nurses of France and Sweden and The D'Arielle Ladies' Society; especially that grils' home, have benefitted very much. We have even put many of our flowers and trees in their very substantial garden, which has proven to be of such quality that it has been used for several Florestelle weddings and the girls'home has several Fairy items, follow our customs and is well-stocked with supplies to the point where we would trust the care of orphaned fairylets to them with no misgivings as well as the long-term chastizement of any miscreant fairylets. My little Kirianne will take her vacation there before she goes off to be a page in the palace on her eigth birthday as is our custom and where she has a very dear frined named Andrea, who also looks like an excellent candidate for our Rubber Nursing School. So, Bridget Alicia La Rochelle has been of much good to us all and is a Rubber Lady in her own right. Later on, we will bring her, Lisa and Michelle, and Sandra Lynelle to Fairyland to live amongst us for another 600 years with fairy bodies. Sandra and Lisa will run one of our orphanages and Bridget will be the local area Rubber Lady and if she is good at it, succeed me as the Donastella