By Lady Truthfinder Alicianne Melise Kierestelle

ello: I am "Lady Truthfinder". I have special duties as such. Because we are a very powerful people and could do things that have serious consequences, We must be sure we know what we are doing and how it will affect things. It is my duty to know or find out thiese things and also what persons may be doing with these things

For all of time, persons have had to act to survive. This is true of peoples as well. In order to act, persons must have information. This infomration must accurately reflect, or "correspond" to what is in the world. A correct identifaction of facts is called "truth". The habit of being truthful is of benefit to all persons of good will because it makes facts available and actions more productive. This habit is called "honesty". But, as peoples, we are not mature enough to know what we can and can not rightfully expect others to be willing to tell us nor can we make a good judgement on what we ought to keep hidden and tell others outright that it is not their business, and therefore, can not be as honest as we might like or ought to be

It is no different for us "Fairies". Many thousands of years ago, we developed instruments and tools to help in this matter. These instruments are said to " able to questions the cells of a corpse". Now, these are not the same tools as you use. This is becuase, in many ways, we are not the same as you. When Malicia made us. she took out some parts of our bodies and replaced them with others to enable us to work with what you call our "magic wands", which we do not call them. the words we have for them mean "doing stick" or "stick for doing" in our language

To use these tools and instruments properly, and to interpret the results, then form ideas which can be tested takes special training. The ladies who undergo this training are called "Truthfinders". They live in the various provences and are headed by one who is at the Palace. When a puzzlement is encountered, a Truthfinder is summoned. She brings her instruments, a couple of aides and calls in persons who can shed light on what is happening or has happened. She has a device that she uses to call up memories in persons to be sure that they are speaking accurately and telling reliable data and not mixing it in with other things, either accidentally or on purpose. Not too many persons can fool this device nor does anyone really want to. She also uses it with herself to be sure that her mind is clear of false things when she is thinking about the problem at hand and as a general "maintenance" of her mentality.

We are less concerned with "right to privacy" in grave matters, as, for example, a wand that is misused could cause time to stop, reverse or twist itself around in the world and unleash chaos. So it is thought that a person unwilling to speak about a phenomenon of this kind had a deliberate hand in its creation and is endangering the whole world and a person who is willing to speak truthfully, even if she did have a hand in the problem, would welcome this kind of device to make her thoughts clear and accurate Also, we do not understane privacy of mind the same way as do you and since this device is harmless and generates accurate information, what harm is done? That does not mean that You would be dragged before a Truthfinder without serious cause. We have far too much to do than go about bothering even middle level crinminals. that is for the Peace Guardians to handle

Another duty of Lady Truthfinder is this: Fairies have powers that you consider magic. We do not think of it as such but do know that these are not ordinary. Since these use patterns generated by thought and voice to change some aspects of the things in the Wrold., amplifed by the wands carry as a matter of course (the "star" that you see is actually the bright plasma glow surrounding the Unified Field emitter and shows the tremendous energy therein) and the parts of our bodies that were made, put into them and written into the building blocks of them, we must be careful to see that no superstitions enter our thinking. When a new idea concerning these abilities comes into being, it is first exhaustively tested by Lady Truthfinder to see to it that it is safe and effective; doing as it says without destroying the "weave of the Omniverse".

Oh: And one more thing:

Be all of this as it may and knowing what is good for me, I would kiss her tiara.