any hundreds and thousands of years ago, the Fairies say, an evil sorceress whom they call Malicia fell from the sky, although some think she fell through the Ages, somewhere in the Land of the Two Rivers. Of her own land, Malicia never spoke, wrote or even sang. In fact, she had no instrument of music nor hand-drawing and the only pictures were those made by the spying eye machines that she used. She wanted to have servants with some "magical" powers. To this end, she got her hands on many little girls who were too young to know, were wanted by no one or were unattractive and took them to her palace. They were all between six and eight years old because Maliicia wanted persons whose bodies were "jelled enough to be stable but not so set that I can do nothing with them". There she made to them promises that if they let her use her magic, they would be as gorgeous as a sunny day in a field of flowers, live ten times as long as others, would have powers and intelligence beyond anyone's comprehension and be able to have babies amongst themselves so that they would never need strangers and also avoid the monthly time of uncleanness. They, being unwise or filled with themselves and what this meant, accepted. Also, Malicia wore clothes that fit her body and were in vivid colors and were iridescent, pearlscent, had a sheen or some combination thereof. She wore decorations that gleamed and caught the light and threw it back in all its colors. Imagine what that must have been like to persons who were dressed in animal skins or whose textiles consisted of beaten tree bark and to whom metals and crystal were just tiny. very rare. flecks of bright material lying on the ground, and then meeting a lady whose race had command of such things. It is possible that they may have been too fearful to disobey her; she being a very large grownup and splendorous in an unheard of amount. Using cats in some way, she kept all her promises but she also filled them with the wickedness that was in her. She also gave them a language that had been her own.

For untold humdreds of years, even after Malicia's mysterious departure, these girls wrought havoc on the peoples around them, preventiong untold peoples who might have grown to ride the skies and beyond from reaching the level beyond tribal savagery and stone tools and implements. With the ability to float and move from one place to another as far as the eye could see in a thought, they ranged from Cathay and Hind to the lands of the Irse and Thule and down to the Jungles of Origins, even setting foot on the uninhabited islands of Nippon. They pillaged and destroyed, glorying in it, not even really caring about loot, profit, gain or even slaves. Becuase Malicia had adapted thems to fit her needs and wants, and went inside their bodies, took out parts and put in others that she made herself and fixed this into the building blocks, these girls only grew up in size, not in spirit, mind, heart or even fully in body, Yes, Malicia kept her promise to the dot of all that she said she would do. give an intellect that was four times and more what others had, fix it so they could have babies among themselves and not need stragners, a lifespan measured in centuries, give them eyes to cut through the darkness, ears to hear beyond the highest song of bird and farther than the horizon and the most delicate scent would be to them as strong as a skunk and as close as a heartbeat and give them personal powers of flight, transport and to rewrite the building blocks of whatever they saw with the instrument she gave each of them: But she did not mention the Price; that they would nearly become a new people bent and shpaed to her Will, their bodies made to feel things of both pleasure and pain far more strongly so she could control them more easily: So intensly do Fairies feel things that feelings that would give great pleasure are to them "painful without hurting" (too strong to be enjoyed and unpleasantly distracting to the point of taking control of herself away from the person). Even amongst her people, Malicia was a hunted outlaw. The very ancient writings speak of such things as "the Creches" and "the Inside Claw of Fire". These persons are invisible to all save girls and women and those descendants of the original hundred bloodlines from which she took her "Firstborns", unless they set their wands down or turn them off, or make special effort to be seen. This has not changed from the first days, it was built into the instrument by Malicia and while improvements and adaptations to the wand have been made, the "core" is as it was those 10 millenia past. One of Malicia's race would recognize it and its lineage. Nor do they call it a "wand" or "magic wand": They would not understand the term "magic" and the words they use for it in their speech mean "doing rod". It was her desire to create a people built around the use of this tool, rather than having to adapt it to people, an act forbidden by the Council of Magi that drove Malicia to this land and made her a hunted person

Finally many generations after the start of all this, and when they stood thirty thousand strong, two of their kind, Luciara and Liselle said, "It is wrong to be like this, We derive our joy from the suffereing of others. Anyone who derives the sustenence of her spirit from others is not a true person since her spirit is shaped and ruled by those she derives that sustenence from, whether that sustenence is form their joy or pain. We must learn to be our own perosns. For all her wickedness Malicia did give us excellent tools with which to make our way in the world". These two gathered others who secretly felt the same and they rebelled against the order of the day and won their freedom. although at great price. In the end of this there were but 600 left, for many were lost, Also lost was Liseelle's beloved Luciara.

After this, having seen the harm that they had done, Liselle said. "it is clear that we cannot live now amongst the persons we have harmed. For there would be distrust and fighting and we are too few to stand for long all we could do is just destroy the other poples in a self-ending war." Then she announced to all the perples that could hear. "We are going to another world. In the interstices of the twists and turns of Dimension and Extension that we use to go from here to there in the instants of time that we do, there must exist a world that we could live on and have to ourselves. You will be quit of us and we will not need to be on guard all the time. So this is to the better for both of us. I hope, at some other time, we can return as friends when the memory of the damage we have done has diminished like a wan and faded flower: And when each people is strong and sure-footed in her own land." And they left.

These are those whom we call Fairies. Themselves they call Flori Di Estelle ("Star Flower"). They do not call their world Fairyland, either but Monda Di Aurea ("World of Gold"), for upon finding it, Liselle, noticing it was very young and even barely livable, having many strange and sometimes deadly living and semi-living things, but with much potential and ready to be shaped to the liking of whoever had the courage or desperation and magic to try, said "This is a blank world, an unminted gold coin. We shall abide upon this world and shape it to our wants".

The other peoples of the earth were glad to be rid of these magical but vicious persons so said some perfunctory farewells, just happy they were going and hoping never to see them again. So, the Flori Di Estelle set up an impenatrable barrier around their land, took what they had, cattle, fowl, crops, weapons and moved. When they had taken all they could use, they destroyed all trace of what they would have left benind and re-shaped the land so that it seemed that nobody had ever been there and told the other peoples that it was theirs for the taking, making sure that it would be two things: a crescent shape like the moon, which is part of the night sky that they so love, and very fertile.