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For several thousands of years, the "Fairies" have dwelt in "Fairyland". Themselves they do not call "Fairy" but rahter "Flori di Estelle" which menas "Star Flowers" and over the tens of centuries has come to be said as "Florestelle" Their world which they moved to from here 80 hundreds of years ago. they do not call "Fairyland" but "Monda di Aurea" which means "World of Gold". This last comes from when the fourndress of their way of life moved them from their original home in our world, to it "in the interstices of the twists of Dimension and Extension" and said "It is like a newly made gold coin before it is struck..." and over the same millenia has come to be called "Mondiaurea. Of themselves, they say that they were created by Malicia, an evil sorceress who fell from the sky, or perhaps through the Ages, with some of her powers and her language, to do her bidding. Malicia departed as mysteriously as she came and her return is anticipated with the utmost dread: "...Even the plains at far Megedo shall quiver and be broken and crumbled unto a moonscape, and the Moon split, as the Peoples shal send forth the Fires from the very heart of the Ominverse. We against Her and Her minions and She and hers against Us: Who can hope to stand through all of this?" goes the legend from before their exodus from our world. After overthrowing the evil that was of them, they felt bad for the things that they had inflicted upon the "ordinary" people of their time and left this world. To return as friends "...when the memory of our wickedness has grown pale and wan, like a faded flower" Nor are they small, winged "bug People", for even with magic, such could not endure the rigors put on them by the needs of such a body. They are instead. tall ladies, fair and extremely girlish of appearance and voice, gentle of manner and bright and effervescent of disposition. very long-lived and commanding many powers. Yet some can be and are still very evil, and even a good one can be annoyed to the point of striking out at her tormentress, which they then prefer to do by means of their bodily strength, sufficient to do down a large, strong person, more than "the Fire of the Omniverse": "In all things, my powers speak from the Omniverse; my hands speak for me".

ELLO! Thank you for visiting our world. This is where we live. Here you learn about our ways and the things we do, such as our customs, how we raise our little girls and how to treat your Little Girl like one of ours, our way of chastizement; a very important part of a Little Girl's world, some of our stories and even get a gift or two. We would feel very put out if you did not enjoy your time here.

Oh: And about the rumors of those wishing to cuase trouble for the ladies and girls at RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME, we know something about that. You know how rumors tend to fly around with no basis in fact, or very little; as if there were some kind of magic involved. Those new Little Girls do seem to be troubled and in need of constant discipline. That is a pity because they are just burstingly cute in their short little dresses and tiaras but they cry ever so much. If they do not find a way to be good little girls, Miss Sandra may decide to just keep them so that they only feel rubber on their bodies

We have always been close to the D'Arielle Ladies' Society since the time of Lady Veronica D'Arielle but not openly active in their doings until Bridget Alicia Le Rochelle became one of theirs. Mostly we have worked through the Rubber Nurses which have been around for several centuries in out of the way place, which we set up and provisioned. Now thanks to Rubber Lady's beloved Bridget Alicia La Rochelle, we can have a greater presence which we enjoy burstingly as do they. Mostly we are at RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME We hope to be a part of every D'Arielle Girls' Home. They have all adopted our method of chastizement and wearing tiaras and cloaks, capes and capelets, RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME also has many of our things in their extensive Garden where more than a few Fairy Weddings has been held and they are well-versed in all kinds of Fairy weddings, including the Sryl form (of which we speak very little). They celebrate their winter holiday as Mistress Winter with a silver tree that we gave them for that purpose, use tiaras as ornaments and Mistress Winter does not forget them when the gifts are given and Rubber Lady's little girl, Kirianne, celebrates the day with her very special frined, Andrea Lynne. Nurse Bridget Alicia La Rochelle is a Fairy Rubber Lady in her own right and she and Housemistress Sandra Lynelle Blanchette keep an excellent supply of claro and a glass flute and dulcichord which they play pretty well. In fact, we would have no doubts about trusting the care of a fairylet to them as a foster home or for dealing with any unladylike tendencies for which a fairylet may need special attention: Just a trip to Nurse Bridget's Rubber Nursery, a look at the room she would live in, also called a "rubber nursery" and attending the nightly punishments would, I am sure, go a long way to reform the little miscreant and maybe fix the matter straigth away. Christine Daryleanne Paradise is part Fairy and was a proud little harridan and they have her quite well civilized to the point that she starts to cry if you get "too close" to her. and of course, she is now a heavy wetter but that is well worth it and she needs the humiliation anyway. She is now a wonderful little dolly-girl

So for all the best reasons, we are very proud of our closeness with the D"Arielle laides and especially RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME and love them just burstingly ever so much